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After JAMB what next? A big question asked by many!

The toughness in competition for admission into university by admission seekers cannot be over emphasized, with admission been a top prayer point in religious centers, both parents and their children have turned prayer warriors in seeking admission into the university. For reasons to this regard, Allschoolsinfo have come up with some lists of things to do to successful gain admission into the university. The truth is many candidates would have been wondering after JAMB what next, most think admission is next but there are some questions to ask yourself.

Off course there are two possible outcomes to writing and examination likewise the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination, in either case most students sit back after seeing their results.

For those who failed accept defeat and start planning to rewrite the following year while those that did well sit back and expect admission to come knocking at their doors soon. These tactics in both cases are wrong and these has been the way of many students over the years hence resulting in lack of admission. Please read on what to do for each category of students to answer for answers to your questions after jamb what next?


After JAMB what next

                                        After JAMB what next


After successful writing of the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination, candidates along the line do get lost of the next line of action, worse are candidates with low grades like 179, 160 and below till 100.

Very many of students with such low JAMB scores tends to completely forget or better still give up on the years admission thinking all is lost, while we cannot lie to you of your performance but that’s not the end of the road, there are still other viable options you can explore, the problem is you just do not have the required information which we shall be providing in this write up.

For candidates who have done well in JAMB, many thinks that’s all, but before we proceed, let’s get something straight, which JAMB score is good? The fact that you can’t answer the question straight forward highlight the fact that, “A good JAMB score is relative”, what you consider a good JAMB score might be considered poor or excellent somewhere else, your ability to know if your JAMB score is actually good is part of what we intend to do justice to in this article which will help you in answering the question after jamb what next, grab your popcorn and read along.

Most times, there were many problems created during registration may be out of ignorance or sheer recklessness, problems like name, age, choice of institutions and or subject combination. For example, most universities in Nigeria don’t require Mathematics as a JAMB subject for Medicine and Surgery or other biomedical courses but candidates because of their fears for Chemistry or Physics drop one of Chemistry and Physics in place of Mathematics, this is wrong as it will only reduce your chances of admission.

This act tends to deprive you of studying the course you put in for. It may also deprive you of studying in the university of your choice. Other problems like POST UTME, cut off marks awareness are few of the other reasons candidates face difficulty in admission seeking. Only few candidates have known about Post-JAMB, cut-off marks and other related necessities pertaining to admission. These and others shall be explained to you in this write-up and your question after jamb what next.


As stated earlier, all is not done after successful writing of your JAMB examination regardless of your JAMB score, below are some questions you need to ask yourself and answer rhetorically the question after jamb what next?

  1. Have you written the right subjects combination for your desired course and institution?

Numerous JAMB candidates scorn their concerned subjects and seat for subjects they would perform better ignoring the course they have put in for. Most candidates have the mindset that JAMB is about getting high scores which is not true. You can have a very high score in JAMB and still be denied getting admitted to study your desired course as a result of sitting for wrong subjects. Below is a scenario which took place few years ago.

A weak Physics candidate chose Medicine and Surgery as his desired course. He decided not to take Physics in his JAMB exam. After the examination, he had a good score and on the day of his screening, it was found out that he didn’t write Physics among his subject’s combination in JAMB. He was denied of his desired course but was later offered another course which was not of his desire which he should consider himself lucky for, in some cases, such students are denied admission totally but he was lucky and was offered Microbiology.

The applicants for this course (Microbiology)were few so he was so lucky to get admitted. Luck may not fall on your side if you try such. Every institution has its own ethics and guidelines for admission which cannot be tampered with irrespective of the situation.

Here, the blame is to be put on the JAMB candidate for not going through the JAMB Brochure. If he had gone through the brochure, he would have known the right subjects to sit for. So, if you have done that, after jamb what next is for you to visit jamb here for correct subject combinations.

  1. Are you up to age to be considered for admission?

Almost all tertiary institutions require the age limit of sixteen (16) before admission can be granted. Though some private institutions do not consider that. If you are not up to 16 years of age, the chances of getting admission is very slim even if you are able to write JAMB, you might not get admitted into any public institution no matter how well you have done in JAMB. You are advised to seek admission into a private institution or hold your fire till you are 16.

  1. How well have you performed in your O’Level?

Have you done well in your O’Level? especially in the subjects that are required for the course you have put in for. Have you also written the right subjects? If you have written the right subjects and also done well in each, getting admitted is 100% assured. It is advisory and important to go through JAMB brochure for required minimum credits and subjects at your O’Level.

  1. In what manner have you prepared for the Post-UTME?

For those who haven’t known what Post-UTME means, Post-UTME is what most people call Post-JAMB. It stands for Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. It is an exercise put in place by all institutions in Nigeria to make grade for those who have participated in writing JAMB in order to be offered admission.

Universities have their own way of carrying out this exercise. For some, it is a computer based test, while for some, it is paper based which is not much in common any more. Also for some, only screening exercise is put in place. Each candidate is to know the form his desired institution uses in order to prepare in advance.

  1. In what way are you getting ready for your Institution’s Post-UTME Screening exercise?

You are to know the form of Post-UTME screening that has been put in place in your desired institution be it a computer based test or others so as to prepare adequately for the exercise. If you don’t know, make sure you get them so that you can get all required credentials in order to ensure successful screening.

Candidates are advised to get the past questions of their desired university and start practicing to get yourself familiar with the schools’ method of questions and you might be lucky of repetition of questions.

  1. Does your desired university accept second choice?

Choosing a federal university for second choice is a no-brainer, such candidate will never be considered for admission. Though some state universities in the past accepts second choice but apparently since 2017, candidates will only be considered for admission into universities, polytechnics and even colleges of education only if you’ve chosen the school as first choice.

You are advised to obtain the change of institution form and change the university you which to seek admission into as first choice, in case you want to apply for another university, you repeat the process as you’ve done earlier.

  1. What are my chances? My JAMB score is low

Scoring low in JAMB is not the end of the road, check for universities, polytechnics and colleges of education that offers admission to students with the range of your score. Obtain the JAMB change of institution and course and apply for the schools post JAMB.

See: Steps in jamb change of institution and courses

How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score

Good luck in your quest in seeking admission into the university. Please feel free to use the comment box below to share your views with us and also use the share buttons to share this friend with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

Thank you for reading we do hope you will tell your friends about this.



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