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How to Defer Admission in A University or Polytechnic in Nigeria



How to Defer Admission in A University or Polytechnic in Nigeria


The struggle for admission into any federal, state university in Nigeria is real, most especially if your course of choice is a competitive course e.g. Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Law, Banking and Finance and others. Loosing such admission for any reason will be painful, hence, we have written on how defer admission in a university or polytechnic in Nigeria.

How to Defer Admission in A University or Polytechnic in Nigeria

How to Defer Admission in A University or Polytechnic in Nigeria


While many seek admission for years before securing one, some are lucky to get in one shot but definitely in both cases it is painstaking efforts. So, to lose this opportunity after so much effort due to any circumstances will pain to the bone marrow, hence, the need for this write up, which is to educate admission seekers, freshmen, returning students and other interested people on how to defer admission in a university or polytechnic in Nigeria.

Informed students use the deferral opportunity in retaining their admission status and it is our utmost believe that if you can read through this, not only returning students will be able to enjoy the deferral but other students most especially the freshmen will be able to use the deferral opportunity securing their admission in any university, polytechnic or college of education in Nigeria.

But before we proceed, let’s get clear with some terms:


To defer admission means to delay resumption of school either for freshmen or returning students due to valid reasons.

In using the deferral opportunity, your tertiary institution must your application to defer admission which will be finalized by your schools’ admission office.


Student’s defer admission for many reasons, I could remember a student who gained admission to study Medicine and Surgery after about three POST UTME, he was very happy to have secured this admission. While he was preparing to resume school, he went to field for some training and got his leg broken which treatment lasted for about 8 (eight) months.

He missed the admission opportunity because he and probably his family didn’t know about the admission deferral opportunity but we believe students in same circumstance will know what to do after learning how to defer admission in a university or polytechnic in Nigeria.

Below are few of the reasons students defer admission;

  1. Financial difficulty
  2. Sickness
  3. Relocation (Change of environment)
  4. Loss of parent
  5. Other valid reasons


Deferral of admission is opened to all students in the university both;

  1. Freshmen and
  2. Returning students.


Follow the steps below to use the deferral opportunity of your school in deferring your admission for at least a year for all freshmen and returning students. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly secure you admission by accepting your provisional offer of admission on JAMB CAPS portal


  1. Next is to also confirm your acceptance of admission from your school by paying the acceptance fee. Login to your schools POST UTME screening portal to begin the acceptance fee payment process.
  2. Candidates will then begin the clearance process. Most universities now kick start their clearance process online.
  3. After successful clearance, candidates will next visit the schools’ admission office with the documents below for physical clearance, though some universities do their physical clearance at the departmental level.
  4. Original WAEC/NECO/NABTEB certificates. Some universities require charge for purchase of scratch card in confirmation of the original O’level result.

Candidates who are unable to get their original O’level certificate can try their luck with the coloured printout.

  1. Coloured printout of your JAMB admission letter

See here: How to Print Your JAMB Admission Letter 

  1. Coloured print out of your online screening clearance from the admission screening portal. If possible, make a coloured print out for clarity.
  2. Birth certificate or probably a sworn affidavit for declaration of age.
  3. Most tertiary institutions in Nigeria charge between N5000 to N10000. Proceed to the universitys admission office and make enquiry on deferment of admission and write the application letter for defer of admission as provided.
  4. After payment of the said fee, proceed to the Bursary department of your school to change the deposit slip to a receipt.
  5. Take the receipt to the admission office with the receipt of deferment of admission form obtained from the Bursary department.
  6. Lastly, you finalize the admission deferral process by submitting the document to your Faculty Officer for Processing.
  7. Finally, you are assured of your admission deferral request from the school authority and you can proceed with your leave till the stated and approved time in your admission deferment application.

The above steps are the most common among all tertiary institutions in Nigeria in deferring admission, though some differ little but we are most assured that by following the processes highlighted above, you can defer admission in a university or polytechnic in Nigeria.

We believe you find this information very useful and it definitely will help all freshmen and returning students who are searching the internet on how to defer admission in a university or polytechnic in Nigeria with the same process for colleges of education in Nigeria.

In case you have addition or amendments to this write up, we will be glad to hear from you, please feel free to use the comment box below and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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