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How to gain Admission into any University in Nigeria 2021/2022

How to gain admission into any university in Nigeria for some secondary school leavers has not been an easy task, some have problem of passing JAMB while for some it’s the problem of scaling through POST JAMB or POST UTME. Whichever the case is we have written this article to explain how you can gain admission into any university in Nigeria easily in 2020.



How to gain Admission into any University in Nigeria

Gaining admission into the university for some secondary school leavers has not been an easy task, some have problem of passing JAMB while for some it’s the problem of scaling through POST JAMB or POST UTME. Whichever the case is we have written this article to explain how you can gain admission into any university in Nigeria easily in 2021.

How to gain Admission into any University in Nigeria

How to gain Admission into any University in Nigeria

This problem of admission is as a result of mistakes many tertiary education seekers make, which leads to many writing the UTME exam (JAMB) every year. We believe after reading this article you will learn better ways of getting or to gain admission into any university in Nigeria.


Below are steps identified for admission seekers to follow to successfully gain admission into any university in Nigeria.


The West African Examinations Council is an important exam for all admission seekers into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. There are two categories of the exam which are:

  1. WASSCE (West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination): This is the terminal exam for a secondary school student, it’s done usually around April/May every year. It has NECO SSCE as its equivalent, some schools like private schools make it compulsory for students while some don’t.

Some students who fail the WASSCE do make mistake of obtaining “external WAEC” which is rewriting the WASSCE in a private school the following year or later, we advise you against this as it is better to write the WAEC GCE than rewriting WASSCE because going forward you will have difficulty in explaining the timeline of your certificates.

  1. WAEC GCE: The General Certificate Examination (GCE) is an alternative exam for people who have left secondary school and still intend to write WAEC for whatever reason(s).

The GCE exam comprises of two series, which are:

  1. First series: The GCE first series is a newly introduced exam in 2018 which is conducted between January and February every year.
  2. Second series: The GCE second series is the more popular GCE, its done between August and September every year.

The NECO GCE is a direct equivalent to WAEC GCE, it is done between November and December every year,

After giving you the background knowledge on WAEC, then you will agree that WAEC is a major determinant in gaining admission into the university.

For admission seekers, you will be doing yourself a lot of good if you can have your paper in one sitting with grades between A1 to C4. While C5 and C6 are acceptable grades in admission process, many applicants don better grades and you will be increasing your chances of admission by also having better grades.

With the way examinations are ordered in Nigeria, many students write their UTME exams between January and February before writing WAEC in April. This means students would have written their JAMB exam before WAEC.

What this means is that for students who does not have their results after writing JAMB, the only way they can increase their chances of admission is by doing well in their WAEC.

See how to prepare for WAEC here:


A good score in JAMB is a very good way to kick start your university admission process, while there are also JAMB cutoff marks agreed upon to be used by tertiary institutions across Nigeria and cutoff marks tertiary institutions announce to use, it is advisable you don’t rely on them and strive to score very high in your UTME exam, this is because the higher you score the more chances of you gaining admission into the university.

See below for list of students that wrote UTME 2020 per state, this will give you a clue of how tight admission is into public tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Remember JAMB openly announced that 1.7 million students wrote this year’s JAMB and only less than 500000 of them will be admitted. This is not to scare but to give you facts and figures and further prepare you for the task ahead.

1 YOBE 19,452 1.03
2 KEBBI 18,262 0.97
3 SOKOTO 16,473 0.87
4 ZAMFARA 9,999 0.53
5 FCT 7,736 0.41
6 KADUNA 84,431 4.48
7 KANO 80,638 4.27
8 BENUE 79,785 4.23
9 ANAMBRA 74,872 3.97
10 KOGI 74,553 3.95
11 KWARA 71,672 3.80
12 EDO 69,715 3.70
13 JIGAWA 23,479 1.24
14 BAYELSA 19,680 1.04
15 LAGOS 33,831 1.79
16 BAUCHI 32,902 1.74
17 ABIA 50,960 2.70
18 EKITI 46,153 2.45
19 RIVERS 45,862 2.43
20 NASARAWA 44,453 2.36
21 KATSINA 39,576 2.10
22 CROSS RIVER 37,166 1.97
23 BORNO 35,423 1.88
24 IMO 99,002 5.25
25 OSUN 94,381 5.00
26 NIGER 31,654 1.68
27 EBONYI 31,221 1.65
28 OGUN 88,152 4.67
29 ADAMAWA 27,094 1.44
30 OYO 102,358 5.43
31 GOMBE 29,095 1.54
32 TARABA 26,637 1.41
33 ENUGU 66,594 3.53
34 ONDO 65,808 3.49
35 AKWA IBOM 67,738 3.59
36 PLATEAU 54,504 2.89
37 OGUN 88,152 4.67
38 NON NIGERIANS 392 0.02

Definitely from the information provided above, it is glaring that you won’t be doing yourself any good by planning to score 180 or thereabout, this will only limit your chance of admission. So, please strive for greater JAMB score to increase your chance to gain admission into any university in Nigeria.


After writing WAEC, students are advised to get themselves prepared for their POST UTME by doing the necessary things e.g. buying POST UTME past questions of their desired university, practicing POST UTME past questions etc.

Remember we have talked about passing WAEC and UTME next is POST UTME then good luck.

However, you should note that for tertiary institutions its different stroke for different folks, while most universities conduct POST UTME screening with either paper based test or computer based test, some conduct their POST UTME orally and some don’t conduct at all, this is the reason why you have to do well in your WAEC and JAMB exams.

The mistakes many students make is that most relent after passing JAMB and WAEC, but the truth is, that’s where the journey starts from and you can only make meaning of your high JAMB score and good WAEC grades by scoring high in your POST UTME.

Some polytechnics like Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic and some Universities like Federal University Oye-Ekiti and University of Ibadan don’t write POST UTME, they use the performance from WAEC and JAMB in admitting students directly.

For those who scored low in JAMB, check this page for options you can explore to gain admission this year.


Like I said after POST UTME, next is good luck, yes good luck because the truth is the departmental cut off mark for each university differs every year, it’s a function of general students’ performance and intake capacity.

For example, a JAMBite who score 75% in POST JAMB, 280 in JAMB and good WAEC grade might not gain admission for medicine and surgery if majority score above his grades and the departmental required number of intakes do not extend to his number.

The above reason is why we do advise students to choose different courses for first and second choices because choosing the same course or first and second choice means it is either you are offered the course or nothing.

Candidates seeking admission needs to be very smart when seeking admission, when you go for post utme, attempt to meet relevant people who can give good information and advice relating to the university and your course.

In case you have done well in the post jamb but your score is not up to the departmental cut off, visit the admin office of the school or office of the head of department of other related courses your score is up to their cut off, explain to them and beg them for assistance on what next to do. Remember you need to gain admission this year and you need to be bold and brave to do that.


Remember during registration of your UTME at the CBT center many input awaiting results (A/R), you are advised to go to the CBT center and have your O’level result uploaded. Your inability to upload will be reducing your chances of admission.

You might want to ask that do I need to upload my O’level result since I uploaded it during POST JAMB registration, yes, you need to because the result you uploaded was on your desired university’s portal. You still need to upload your O’level result on JAMB’s portal for a seamless admission processing of JAMB’s CAPS.

See here on how to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal.


Since to gain admission into any university in Nigeria has become a dominating prayer point in many religious centers today, Allschools have some sure fire guidelines summarized below which will definitely guide students on how to gain admission into any university in Nigeria in 2021. Follow the following steps below and we can assure you of gaining admission this year.

  1. Know your capability and apply for courses that fits your capability: It is a known fact that many students who are science students and admission seekers choose medicine and surgery as a course of choice when seeking admission. A below average or average student should settle for less competitive course, knowing fully well is academic performance is not up to the level. The truth is, if you eventually bribe your way in without buckling up, it will end in premium tears.

Come to think of it, medicine and surgery is not the only way to success in life, once you know your academic capability, choose a course that will increase your chances of admission.


  1. Choose universities with less competition: The truth is you can’t compare the number of applicants received per year in federal universities to state universities, there were times Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U) once had over 50000 post utme applicants. What figures like that means is that the scrutiny students will be subject to will be extremely high and the jostle for admission will be battle of the brains and connected.

Except the low school fees of federal university is a major factor for you then we will advise you consider a state university or if your parents have the financial wherewithal, the private university.

Worthy of note, the popular course like medicine and surgery, pharmacy, law etc. are generally competitive both in federal and state universities but more competitive in federal universities.

  1. Choose two different courses: Many students make mistakes same course for both first choice and second choice. Like we said earlier, doing this means you only want the said course or nothing and this will be putting at great disadvantage.

As an advice, for example instead of choosing medicine and surgery as first and second choice, we will advise you choose medicine and surgery as first choice and other biomedical/life science course e.g. Biochemistry, Pharmacy etc. as second choice.

  1. Learn how aggregate admission points of your desired university is calculated: As said earlier, some universities don’t write post utme while some write. In both cases, JAMB score, WAEC grades and POST JAMB if conducted are all combined and converted to a grade in most cases a percentage.

Intending candidates of an institution should learn how your prospective university convert the three exams into a single grade. Doing this will help understand your needs for admission and help you in preparing better for admission and in turn help you to gain admission into any university in Nigeria.


Just like every other thing in life, to gain admission into any university in Nigeria is never a joke most especially if your desired course is a competitive course. It requires hard work and strategic planning.

We believe by using the information made available to you, the answer to your question ‘how to gain admission into any university in Nigeria in 2020’ has been answered.

In case you have any question or clarification, please do not hesitate to use the comment box in reaching out to us, we will be glad to hear from you.

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