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As the 2021 JAMB/ UTME approaches, it is important for intending candidates to start preparing themselves with necessary information needed to prosper in the forthcoming examination. Maybe, taking computer-based exams is new to you or you’re not exceptionally good at using a mouse, console, etc. All of these and others are the reasons why the topic “how to answer jamb questions” is being written.

Although this write-up is not on how to use a computer system but the problem of student’s inability to operate a system effectively is an issue that has affected the success of some students while writing the UTME exam. In recent years, we have seen a case of students mistakenly pressing S twice which means submission and confirmation of submission, also the case of student’s inability to move to next or previous page or students having a shaky hand while using a mouse.

All situations like these and other are why we advise students of practicing the UTME using either the CBT mobile or computer app which will expose them to the way it is being used and provide them adequate information about the CBT through practice.

After practicing with the CBT app and getting the fundamentals, you are then advised to read through the guidelines which will help you adequately in preparing for your UTME and aid you on how to answer JAMB questions effectively.

how to answer JAMB questions

How to answer JAMB questions


While reading tips on how to answer jamb questions is good, preparation for your UTME doesn’t end there. Though your details will be fetched automatically after successful login into the UTME portal but there might be some other areas you will be required to provide your information, do ensure you provide the information accurately.

Ensure you actually logged in to your exam portal, this can be confirmed by checking the names and photo on your portal, should it not be the same with yours, stop all you are doing immediately and call the nearest system administrator.

In most cases, the requirement for login is your UTME registration number and any other information about you maybe fingerprint, surname or others but if you are having trouble login in to your exam portal call on any staff or the system administrator around.

Although expected to be required for entry into the UTME examination hall, you will have to get your UTME registration slip with you when going to the exam hall so as to furnish you with the information you will be needing e.g. examination number, seat number etc. when you get to the exam hall.

Upon login into the exam portal, do ensure you read the instructions and digest so as to guide you properly on things to do and not to do.


  1. Read guidelines properly and make use of it.

The essence of instruction is to guide one against do’s and don’ts. It will be penny wise and pound foolish to rush and skip past the instruction and guidelines for the exam proper.

For students who have practiced with so many CBT apps either on mobile or PC and thinks, there’s really no need to go through the instruction again because they feel they are conversant with it, this is not good enough because, instructions evolve as the need arises, there might be some additions or subtraction to the previous one which might be an important component of the new instructions.

As said earlier, should you not be clear about any information or run into any trouble, feel free to call any of the staff or system administrators.

  1. Make a time plan

If you have 7 days to prepare for a swords battle, it will be good if you use five days in sharpening your sword. Part of the tips in learning how to answer jamb questions is TIMING. All successful people in life value time and don’t joke it. You also should do if you intend to do well in your UTME.

JAMB gives each candidate three (3) hours in total for all four subjects. English Language has 60 minutes for 80 questions, and 40 minutes each for each of the other three subjects.

Apparently, JAMB gives almost one (1) minute per question except in the case of English Language which is about 50 seconds.

What this means is that, you have to plan yourself through practice to use 45 seconds or less on each question. To help yourself, you might want to start with the subject of your strength and end on your weakest subject as this will save you time. This can be done by practicing with the CBT app as this will give you the idea of what to expect and the pressure the time ticker exerts on one when the time is running out.

During the course of the exam, you will be provided with a countdown timer located most times at the top corner of your PC either in green or red which will always show you the time you have left, this is to help you know how well or otherwise you have done with time and how fast you still need to work, please ensure you always check the time intermittently for proper planning.

Should in case your system goes off, do not panic as JAMB has promised that in such scenario, the concerned candidate will continue from where he stopped when the system is rebooted. So, in such scenario, just call the system operator.


As part of preparation for the UTME, candidates are expected to have mastered the use of the keyboard and possibly the shortcuts as well. The candidates console contains 8 keys ranging from A, B, C, D, P, N, S and R.

Where A, B, C and D are for answers to each question, meaning each question has four option of answers and each letter represents choice of answer for each question, e.g. if you press A on the console on any particular question, it means you have chosen A as your choice of answer for the question, the same for other letters B, C and D.

Next are the P and N which means previous and next which are for toggling between pages and lastly are the S and R which are for Submit and Return. The S key needs to be pressed twice for full submission, first is for submission while the second is for confirmation of submission. Candidates are advised to be careful and ensure they are done before pressing the “S” button at all because once you submit, that’s final.

Alternatively, to the keyboard/console, you are also provided a mouse which you can use to choose your answers, navigate pages of your questions and also do other functions like submission, confirmation and cancellation of submission etc.

The choice of choosing between the keyboard and the mouse is solely yours and you are advised to choose the one of your choice and the one you are most comfortable using.

You are advised to attempt the UTME mock examination if you have never attempted the UTME exercise before to give you an experience of what it looks like and learn how to use it.

At the very end, again, cross-check your work and confirm you have answered all questions before pressing the S button at all. Practicing the use of the JAMB buttons means learning how to answer jamb questions effectively.

  1. Begin with the subject of your strength, in most cases many chose Use of English, then to the next in that other.

You will be doing yourself a great harm, by starting your exam with your weak subject, by doing so, you will be wasting your time more than necessary on some few questions and creating an unnecessary panic for yourself.

During practice, you are advised to always start your exam with your subject of strength then the next till it get to your weakest subject. By doing this, it means you would have been able to attempt all of the questions you are sure of and you will only be left with questions you don’t know the answer or you aren’t sure of the answer.

More so, the general believe is that you will be able to answer questions on your subject(s) of strength in short period of time than the given time and you can then in turn use the saved time from that for the weak ones but if you start from the weak, you will end up wasting all of the allotted time on the weak subject(s).

Therefore, how to answer JAMB questions is by starting from your strength to your weakness.


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  1. Do not waste time on a question

When you have 180 questions to answer it will be very unwise to spend most of your time trying to answer a question alone.

There are two things made available to you to caution yourself on time wasting, the countdown timer, and the answered and unanswered questions colors. These two are there to show you how far you have gone with the questions, the answered colors must keep increasing as time goes by.

Never get yourself struck with a question, the moment you are finding a question difficult to answer move to the next one, you will come back to it when you are done answering those you find easy to solve.

Most of the UTME questions are set for 1 minute per question, to be above time, during practice, train yourself with 45 seconds per question, the 15 seconds saved on these questions will be available for use on the questions that can be solved under 60 seconds.

It will be very great if you can save about 30 to 45 minutes of the time by finishing earlier, this will give room for revision. However, accuracy must not be eroded in the name of speed as they do say “no gift for na me first finish”, so you are advised to do your work diligently. So, add this to part of your strategies learnt on how to answer JAMB questions.

  1. Ensure you attempt all questions

It is normal to find some questions tricky during the exam, but just like in who wants to be a millionaire program, there is always 50:50, you will be wondering how, in most four options multiple choice questions, two of the options are always out of it, while there will be another that will confusing.

Use the 50:50 technique to sift out the two most wrong options, then you attempt to find the right option among the remaining two, you might be lucky. This is a core tactic in answering multiple choice questions and not restricted to learning how to answer jamb questions alone.

  1. Get to the examination hall early

Off course, after learning how to answer JAMB questions and how to pass JAMB exam, you won’t want to deprive yourself the chance of writing the exam in the first instance.

Getting to the examination hall late is a very bad thing you will want to avoid, apart from the fact that the supervisor might deny you entrance into the examination hall, it means you have wasted out of your limited time and coupled with the fact you will be unsettled which will definitely affect you psychologically.

For students posted to centers out of your community, try to get to your examination center a day earlier and find a hotel nearby to lodge into, if you can’t afford a hotel, go to the center, some centers do provide accommodation for UTME candidates for a token.


After knowing tips on how to answer JAMB questions. It is important for you to also know other things that might cause hindrance to you.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has reiterated again this year that all candidates sitting for this years’ UTME examination will not be permitted to enter the examination hall with any of the following:

  1. Electronic gadgets
  2. cell phones
  3. wristwatches
  4. recorders
  5. spy understanding glasses
  6. cameras
  7. ear piece
  8. Bluetooth gadgets
  9. USB
  10. Compact disc
  11. hard plate and other comparative stockpiling gadgets
  12. pen/biro
  13. brilliant focal points
  14. books or any perusing/composing material
  15. ink/pen per users
  16. key holders
  17. ATM cards
  18. erasers

Candidates who by any means smuggle any of the items listed above into the examination hall will be handed over to the police and will definitely forfeit the examination.

We believe that if all of these are used candidates will find their UTME examination easy and they will know how to answer JAMB questions easily.

Visit here for JAMB e-Brochure and syllabus.

In case you need our assistance in registering or other, do not hesitate to use the comment box in reaching out to us, we will be very glad to hear from you and help.

We hope you have found this information useful, please kindly share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and others.

Good luck as you register and write your UTME!!!

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