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How to Check BVN On MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT & GLO – Get Bank Verification Number (BVN) Details On MTN

Proceed to your Dial pad and dial this USSD code *565*0#.It will deduct the charge fee and made avail to you your 11-digit BVN number



Getting your BVN when needed can be frustrating if you can’t get hold of where you have written it or can’t remember it off hand. The step by step guide we have written on how to check BVN on MTN and other networks will serve as guide for you and others provided you follow the guide appropriately. There are many ways to go about how to check BVN on MTN and other networks and they are easily explained below, just make sure you follow this guide to learn how to check your BVN on MTN and other networks.

We shall be explaining other means of checking your BVN online though but before that, let’s get some terms clear for the purpose of clarity.

how to check BVN on MTN

How to check BVN on MTN


Before we proceed on explaining how to check BVN, we need to understand what BVN means. BVN means Bank Verification Number. The BVN is a biometric identification system introduced by CBN in conjunction with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) in 2014.The Apex bank in Nigeria which is the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through the Banker’ Committee in 2014 and in conjunction with all banks throughout the federation announced the launch of a biometric means of identification called BVN in February 14, 2014.

The BVN is a means of preventing and tracking financial crimes and also used in tracking people. The BVN is a very important number that if gotten into the hands of criminals, fraudsters and their likes can be used for defrauding, though it has been argued that, the BVN alone cannot be used to dupe an individual except there’s and access to other vital information of their victims. Irrespective of the number of bank accounts you have, you are required to have only one BVN which all bank accounts will be tied to.


The BVN is compulsory for all persons in Nigeria with a bank account. It is a means of securing your bank account from being hacked and fraud. It also serves as a means of identification of individuals for security and prevent individuals from identity theft and unauthorized access. You as an individual cannot decide not to register for the BVN, all individuals were mandated to have their BVN done when it was newly introduced and all newly registered accounts with be registered for the BVN.


As said earlier that the BVN was initiated with the sole aim of preventing and investigating fraud case. In order to mitigate this, individual’s phone number alongside with other personal and vital information of the individual is collected during registration for the BVN, this is in turn used in identifying and tracking an individual in times of emergency and fraudulency.

How to Check BVN on MTN

To check your BVN on MTN Nigeria is easy, just ensure you have up to Twenty-Five Naira (NGN25) on your line as they charge something thereabout.Proceed to your Dial pad and dial this USSD code *565*0#.It will deduct the charge fee and made avail to you your 11-digit BVN number. Again, the process is a very simple one and requires only one code to get but as simple as it is for you to get also it is easy for fraudster to get from your lapses .Also for all banks in Nigeria, it’s the same throughout.

How to check BVN code for Diamond: Dial *565*0#
How to check BVN code for Stanbic IBTC: Dial *565*0#
How to check BVN code for Eco Bank: Dial *565*0#
How to check BVN code for Union Bank: Dial *565*0#

How to check BVN code for First Bank: Dial *565*0#
How to check BVN code for FCMB: Dial *565*0#

How to check BVN code for UBA: Dial *565*0#
How to check BVN code for Zenith Bank: Dial *565*0#

How to check BVN code for Access Bank: Dial *565*0#

How to check BVN code for Sterling: Dial *565*0#

How to check BVN code for Fidelity Bank: Dial *565*0#

The answer to How to check BVN on anything is by dialing *565*0#

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How to Check BVN Number Online (Bank Mobile App)

Your BVN can also be gotten using your banking mobile app.Proceed to your Mobile banking app and login by entering your banking details. Click on settings or ATM, you will see your 11-digits BVN  displayed at the upper part of the App.

How Much Does it Cost to Check BVN Number?

All networks in Nigeria formerly charge 10 Naira to check the BVN but now charge 25 Naira per check and that’s why you have to copy and keep it because when next you dial the BVN code, it will also cost you 25 Naira.

How Long is the BVN Number Code?

The Bank Verification Number is just 11-digit all numbers number and is a unique ID dedicated to you alone. As said earlier, no two persons can have the same BVN number and one person cannot have more than one number, then the law will somehow catch up with you later.

What do I need to get BVN Number in Nigeria?

There is nothing much needed to get your BVN than having an account with a Nigerian Bank. You can also download the bvn_enrolment_form and fill, then proceed to your bank, give them the form and follow the procedure given to you afterwards. The BVN registration process will be made easier if you have registered for your national identity number (NIN), some parts of the information needed will be imported.

It is our believe that we have been able to answer your questions on how to check BVN on MTN and other networks. Please kindly help us use the share button to share this information with your friends.

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