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NEW: How to check GLO balance IN 2021

Also, you can shorten the process by dialing #124*1# and wait for the response regarding your Glo balance



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When you talk about the cheapest telecommunication network in Nigeria both in terms of data and airtime among the Nigerian populace, Globacom Nigeria comes to mind meaning there are many Nigerians using a Glo sim and it won’t be fair if we don’t answer the question of the majority on how to check Glo balance.

Glo Mobile a subsidiary of Globacom is the second largest telecommunication in Nigeria right behind MTN, Glo began her operation in Nigeria in 2003 liberating the Nigerian masses from the exploit of MTN when a SIM pack was sold for 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) and call rate was charged at per minute rate despite plight of the Nigeria masses.

Glo Mobile then in after years expands to Benin Republic Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. Since the commencement of operation, Globacom has consistently over the years being supporting football, the annual CAF awards has always had Glo has one of her major sponsors. At some point, Globacom signed a deal with Manchester United which involve young players from Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic going to train at the Manchester United football Academy in other to promote local football.

How to check Glo Balance

How to check Glo Balance

So, with all of these and couple with the fact that Glo is an indigenous company owned by a Nigerian (Chief Mike Adenuga), Glo has won many Nigerian hearts and still continuously win and that’s why up till today, we have many of the Nigerian adults whom are Glo subscribers. Despite the good network coverage for calls and pocket friendly data rates, the Glo data network coverage is still lagging behind that of their major two brand competitors but we can notice improvement in recent time.

Getting answers to your question on how to check your Glo balance might not be easy because there are not many youths using the Glo network because of the reason explained earlier but the answer on how to check Glo balance is easily answered in this blog post.

In this post we have explained in easy steps how to check Glo account balance, how to check Glo data balance, how to check Glo bonus balance because you can’t use a Glo sim without having a bonus and also how to manage Glo account.

How to check Glo account balance

There are three methods that can be used to check Glo balance and you are to use the one that is the most convenient for you. Follow the guide properly to get your Glo account balance.

  1. Using USSD: To check your Glo account balance using USSD which is the most popular, simply do the following:
  2. Proceed to your Phone Dial Pad
  3. Dial #124#
  4. Wait for the onscreen message prompting you to press 1 for your account balance and
  5. Press 1
  6. Barring any network issue and if your respond before time-out, your Glo account balance will be displayed to you and also sent to your inbox.

Also, you can shorten the process by dialing #124*1# and wait for the response regarding your Glo balance from the network provider but at times, the #124*1# code fails or bring out another response.

  1. Using the Glo Café Android App:

    The Glo Café Android App contains variety of features which can be used to access all services of Glo Mobile e.g. data purchase, airtime purchase, check Glo balance both data and airtime and others.

Nigeria: You can download the Glo Café App by clicking here.

Ghana: You can download the Glo Café App by clicking Here.

  1. Using the Android U_life feature:

    Though this feature of Android is in the Beta stage but I’m falling in love with it already because it has lots of features with easy accessibility e.g. data purchase, airtime purchase, check Glo balance both data and airtime and banking activities, cable subscription and others.

You can access the U_life by clicking on the U_life option which is the third option on your phone dial pad.

However, this feature is only available for Android O.S 10 and higher.

How to check Glo Data balance

The process of checking your Glo data balance is almost the same with that of checking Glo airtime balance but with a little more process.

Also, the three methods stated above can be used but with a change of code to the first one and also in addition is getting your Glo data balance through SMS.

  1. Using USSD:

    Proceed to your phone dial pad and carry out the following instructions to get your Glo data balance.

  2. Dial *777#
  3. On the Pop-up dialogue, enter 1 to “Buy a plan”
  4. Enter 4 in the following propt screen to “manage plan and lastly
  5. Enter 4 again to “get data balance”
  6. Barring any network issue and if your respond before time-out, your Glo account data balance will be displayed to you and also sent to your inbox.

Also, you can shorten the process by dialing *127*0# and await the response containing your Glo data balance on the prompt screen and also sent to your inbox.

  1. Using SMS:

    Though this method is old but it’s still functional. You can get your Glo data balance by doing the following.

  2. Proceed to your phone message box
  3. Choose create message
  4. Type “INFO”
  5. Type “127” in the recipient or To box and
  6. Click Send

You will receive a message in your inbox afterwards, containing your Glo data balance.


These are explained above, see the above explanation and choose check data balance in place of check airtime where applicable.

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How to check Glo Bonus account balance

There are times when you are given bonus either airtime or data that you won’t know just because the bonus is not displayed alongside the main balance and require its own special code to check the Glo data bonus balance.

As we all know that Glo is always a SIM of bonuses, it will be difficult for you as a subscriber not to get airtime bonus when you recharge or get data bonus when you subscribe to a data plan.

To check your Glo data bonus, get to your phone dial pad and dial #122# and you will get your basic data bonus on your screen.

Additionally, your tariff plan either postpaid or prepaid is also a factor as it has always been in the amount of bonus you will get or the kind of code you will use to access the bonus.

For Glo Campus booster bonuses: Dial #122*10#

For Glo Bumpa package: Dial #122*2#

For Glo Yakata: Dial *220*1#

For Glo Jumbo: Dial #122*23#

For Glo welcome back bonus: Dial #122*34#

For locked Glo welcome back bonus: Dial #122*35#

What is meant by locked Glo welcome back bonus is a bonus given to you that’s always reflecting in your Glo bonus account balance but you can’t use to call neither browse. Dial the locked Glo welcome back bonus code start using your bonus.


  1. Customer Care: Dial 121
  2. Call Centre: Dial 100
  3. To Check your credit balance: Dial *124#
  4. To Recharge: Dial *134*xxx xxxx xxx#
  5. Check bonus data balance: Dial *124*1#
  6. To Check your Glo mobile number: Dial *1244#
  7. To Buy airtime and data: *543#
  8. Share your data with 3 Glo lines. Visit to share. Or dial *555*1#
  9. To Glo airtime borrow: *5321#
  10. To access data plans: *555#
  11. To receive and send voicemail respectively: Dial 109 or 108
  12. To check sim registration: *400#
  13. For Blackberry plans: Dial *777#
  14. To port: Send SMS “PORT” to “600”

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