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There are various important examinations taken in Nigeria. One of these is the West African Examination Council exams either the school candidates one (WASSCE) or the one for private candidates (GCE). Many candidates find these examinations very difficult to pass with either failing Mathematics or English Language or both and as we all know, a WAEC result without Mathematics or English language is only good as subordinate result in two sittings which some universities don’t accept for some courses. Hence, we have written this to answer students question on how to pass waec in one sitting.

how to pass waec in one sitting

                                                  how to pass waec in one sitting


Students failure rate in WAEC over the years has been alarming, 74% of students who sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2019, 83% also failed in 2018, 59.22% in 2017 and 52.97% in 2016. These figures are for students who failed either Mathematics or English Language or both, these figures are too high.

Going by the trends of figure above, one can only pray for 2020 WAEC results to be better because the curve is not flattening at all and with the COVID 19 pandemic, students are advised to seriously buckle up for better performance and ensure you pass waec in one sitting.


Because of failure of the exams candidates have being asking series of questions like:

  1. How to pass waec or wassce this year
  2. How to pass waec or wassce mathematics
  3. How to pass waec without stress
  4. How to pass waec without expo
  5. How to pass English Language in waec
  6. Waec question and answers (expo)
  7. How can I easily pass waec
  8. How waec set their questions
  9. Waec ssce past questions
  10. How to pass waec in one sitting

Many questions like those above are what searchers have been asking (most especially how to pass waec in one sitting) and we can tell you that there are several practices that can ascertain a very high grade in your WAEC (SSCE or GCE) examination. This piece of writing will serve as an aid in changing your thinking towards seeing WAEC as a difficult examination. It will teach you habits to inculcate. If these habits are put into action, it will meaningfully increase your chance of getting higher grades in your WAEC and making your papers once.


Allschoolsinfo has identified some guidelines students can follow to pass WAEC and we are quite sure if followed, it will definitely boost your chances of passing and answer your questions on how to pass WAEC in one sitting. Below are the guidelines to follow:

  1. Concentrate: For many candidates, the end justifies the means, many find it difficult to concentrate on their studies with thoughts like I will copy from my friend, I will bribe the supervisor, I will register myself in expo centers. Thoughts like this has destroyed many students because they lose focus during their SS1 and SS2 days and by the time they discover what lies ahead of them, it will be too late for many. For those that rely on expo centers all we can say is, it doesn’t worth it because statistics have shown that most candidates from expo centers don’t make all of their papers at once. So why settle for half bread if you can get it full.

We advise you to take your classes seriously right from SS1 because that’s the foundation and also most of WAEC exam questions are from SS1 and SS2 of their syllabus.

We advise you to download the WAEC syllabus, go through it, identify topics you don’t know or you don’t understand fully and get their help of your teachers or seniors to explain to you.

Also, many schools if not all, organize revision classes for students who are about to write WAEC, instead of you brooding on how to pass WAEC in one sitting without stress, just pay full attention to the revision class as paying full attention to revision classes, asking questions will help you understand the subject matter fully and in turn attract high grades in WAEC.

Furthermore, many candidates before WAEC or during WAEC brandish themselves as undergraduates, meaning they are no more secondary students and because of this some don’t attend classes anymore while some do but not frequently, doing these means you are harming yourself because the information passed across during the revision classes are exactly what you need to pass WAEC this year. So, Allschoolsinfo is advising you to avoid missing classes, vital information may be passed that may be come across in the WAEC.

  1. Form Notes: Making of notes has a lot to offer in passing WAEC easily. It is a criterion on how to pass WAEC examination. It saves stress of going through lots of pages. In this note mostly essential and key information are written. It will also serve as a locus when you go studying for WAEC some other time.

Note forming for students can only happen to students who have gone through the notes given to them by their teachers, after reading they in turn form a concise note from what they’ve read. This formed note will come handy when the exam is very close for quick revision and please whatever short note you have formed and or used, ensure you keep it off you before entering the examination hall.

  1. Study past questions: There are always a pattern of setting every examination, WAEC also have their examination pattern of setting questions for every subject up till practical. Cultivating the habit of home reading and practicing past questions with their answers will help students understand the pattern of asking questions and the expected answer for each question. For example, stating of reason(theorem) when answering geometry questions in Mathematics, cancellation and word counting in English Language essays, determining scale of graph in Physics, endpoint and alteration in table of values in Chemistry.

Definitely, to practice past questions you need to set a personal time table to guide you in reading and time management because time management in examination is an important factor in passing WAEC.

There are many WAEC past questions in the market being sold by different publishers, sold around N500 per subject, you are advised to get yourself a copy of all subjects you intend to write in WAEC or your core subjects.

In practicing, it will be best you start from the recent year e.g. 2020 downwards because if you observe WAEC past questions very well, you will feel a kind of disconnect practicing 1988 question to practicing 2019 past question in 2020, this because the WAEC syllabus and knowledge generally has evolved during the years, so it will be better you concentrate more on recent years.

WAEC past questions has been put in place to aid easy finding of some categories. Solving of these past questions is very important and helpful since it has been noticed in WAEC question patterns that questions are repeated. Help yourself by making WAEC timetable and set aside a noise free area for studying to prevent distraction.

You can study with waec e-learning website by clicking here.

  1. Mnemonics: As science as proven that we only use 10% of our brain at a go, human easily tends to forget things, this need to be mitigated, hence the need for the use of mnemonics to aid remembrance.

But what are mnemonics? Mnemonics are simply sentences, phrases, poems or abbreviations which are used to help you remember definite things such as rules, names, formula, characteristics, properties of things and so on. The use of mnemonics helps to remember difficult things. We advise you study and master your mnemonics to prevent mix up which will be very useful to you in the examination hall.

For example, to remember the colour dispersed by a white light which are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, you can use the initials to form a mnemonic ROYGBIV. This will be easy to remember in the hall. Also you can reform it to things around you. For example, the divisions of Plant Kingdom, Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Tracheophyte, it can be reformed to TOLU BOUGHT TEA. This will be easy to remember. Put this into practice for improvement on how to pass WAEC in one sitting without stress.

  1. Take a Test: One of the many numerous mistakes students make is that many don’t practice with time and time management in the examination hall is a very important factor.

All examinations are timed, WAEC or WASSCE candidates are advised to practice WAEC objective questions with 45 seconds per question or better still, or better still practice using three quarter (3/4) of time allotted for the real exam.

So please after much readings, get yourself all available past questions and past WAEC questions to solve. Taking a test will help to fathom what you have known against what who think you know. This will serve as a prove to you that you are ready for the WAEC exam. You can get help from your teachers and other genius. You can also get help from websites and other sources too.

Also note that, practicing past question is a form of reading, it only depends on the way you handle it, many students don’t ready because they want to but read for their parents and guardians. After attempting the questions and marking, go through the ones you missed and find answers to them from your textbook or notes. You might be shocked to find out that some of the questions you had marked missed are right after self-correction.

In a nutshell, never brood over low grades gotten in the past WAEC exam and relent. Instead, take it as a by-pass, follow the guidelines, stay encouraged and ensure proper practice for the forthcoming WAEC exams.

These guidelines will definitely help you in the forthcoming exams if properly followed. An adage says “To be the best, you must be ready to beat the rest”. This should come to your mind always and also ensure you follow the WAEC laid down principles. If these are put in place, you will be pleased with your WAEC result and your question, how to pass waec in one sitting in 2020 will be answered.

You can also add tips that you know can help students on how to pass WAEC in one sitting and feel free to use the comment box below to share your views with us and also use the share buttons to share this friend with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

Thank you for reading we do hope this write up has really help in answering your question on how to pass waec in one sitting you will tell your friends about this.





Hi, I'm Ogundare Abdulahi, an educator, content developer and web programmer. I love helping people and disseminating information. At my leisure time, I like reading and surfing the web.

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