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How to Print Your JAMB Admission Letter 

JAMB admission letter is an official document from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board which certifies a candidate as a bona-fide student of a university, it’s a document which signifies that a candidate has been offered a provisional admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria to study a particular course, stating clearly duration of programme and certificate to be obtained afterwards.



jamb matriculation list


In the education cycle regards JAMBites, the cycle is easy from registration for jamb, writing of WAEC and or NECO, then writing of POST JAMB and admission for successful students, in between POST JAMB and admission comes JAMB admission letter.


JAMB admission letter is an official document from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board which certifies a candidate as a bona-fide student of a university, it’s a document which signifies that a candidate has been offered a provisional admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria to study a particular course, stating clearly duration of programme and certificate to be obtained afterwards.

In the past before the advent of CAPS, candidates go to Jamb office to get theirs while some candidates were lucky to have theirs sent to their higher institution for collection.


The JAMB admission letter carries vital information about you stating clearly, your school of admission, faculty/school/college, department, the degree programme and the duration of the course offered to you.


As stated earlier, the JAMB admission letter is an official document proving the authenticity of your admission, it’s a document recognized within and outside Nigeria, as of now, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board is the only body saddled with the responsibility of conducting and issuing of admission to undergraduates by the Federal Ministry of Education.


The JAMB admission letter is important to students in the following ways:

1. Screening: For some universities, it is one of the required documents during screening and without it, might delay the screening process.

2. Scholarship: Students enjoy scholarship from multinational organizations like Shell, Chevron etc, the admission letter is one of the required documents.

3. NYSC Mobilization: The JAMB admission letter is one of the required document along with JAMB result slip for successful registration for the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps.

4. Security Purpose: We’ve heard of cases where candidates name were removed from the admission list, if such such candidate had sharply accept the admission on CAPS and printed the JAMB admission letter, it will be difficult for the university concerned to deny offer of admission afterwards.

5. For students who also intends to continue their studies abroad or do inter-university transfer, the document will be needed.

With all the reasons stated above, therefore it is important for candidates to secure their admission by accepting your admission on CAPS and printing your JAMB admission letter.

But before we proceed on how to your jamb admission letter, you will need to:


Off course, before proceeding to print your jamb letter, you have to confirm you have been given admission. To do so, follow the process below:

1. Visit JAMB portal

2. Login to your account with your email and password

For those having login issue, check your email very well, ensure the email is exactly the same you use during registration at the CBT center. If you still face login issue, use the forgot password option, a confirmation will be sent to your mail inbox, click on the verification link to set a new password and login afterwards.

3. Scroll to the left bottom corner of the page where you will see check admission status.

If you are on mobile, the drop down options will not be displayed, switch to desktop view or activate the auto-rotate option in the top drawer apps of your phone to reveal the drop down options.

4. Click on the “Check admission status menu”.

5. Enter your JAMB registration number, select your examination year for which you want to check admission status of and click check.

For successfully admitted candidates, it will be display your admission status stating your school of admission, course and other details.

In case you see “No admission given yet”, it means you either not given admission yet or your admission batch has not been uploaded to the jamb admission database (CAPS). In case it’s the latter, you are advised to check back later as it can be submitted and uploaded anytime.

If your case is number one, meaning you have been offered provisional admission, click on “accept” and proceed to print your jamb admission letter.

See here for more details: How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score


To print your jamb admission letter, you don’t need to visit the CBT center, it is totally an easy process but you will need the following:

1. Internet

2. Phone/laptop

3. An ATM card

4. Minimum account balance of ₦1200

Note: JAMB charges ₦1,000 for original jamb result printing but Remitta add their own additional charges.

Now let’s get to why you are here.

Please follow the following process diligently, and ensure you jot down the RRR code from Remitta in case of any eventuality.

I will advise you use the Remitta payment gateway.

Now do the following:

1. Visit jamb’s portal and login by putting your login details. The login details should be given to you at the CBT center during registration, it is mostly your email and a password.

jamb efacility

                                                                                   jamb efacility

Alternatively, after the redesign of JAMB’s portal, you can now click on “Print Admission Letter” from the landing page or Homepage of JAMB which will redirect you to login.

It is worthy of note that you don’t login with another person’s account, because doing so means you are paying for the person.

2. There are host of services on the main page after login, search and click on “Print Admission Letter”.

jamb admission letter

                                                        jamb admission letter

3. The next page is for payment, click on “continue to payment” to make your payment, I’ll advise you save this page and choose Remitta option.

4. Input your correct banking details, and click submit, it will send you an OTP (One time password), to verify it’s you and for authentication purpose.

5. After successful payment, your JAMB Admission letter will be displayed and available for download and printing, it will also be sent to your mail with the receipt of payment.

jamb admission letter

jamb admission letter

It’s worthy to note that you must ascertain that you have been given admission before you can print admission letter, so you must use CAPS to check and accept your admission before proceeding to print your jamb admission letter.

For candidates who want to apply for change of Admission letter, it can also be done using the same process as stated above but this will cost you N5000.


In the past, admission letters were manually prepared and sent to universities for issuance or candidates visit JAMB’s state offices to collect their admission letters.

But today, jamb admission letter is automatically prepared electronically, once you have been offered admission by your higher institution, admission list sent to jamb, list uploaded to JAMB’s database, you accepting admission on CAPS, definitely your jamb admission letter will be ready for printing.


1. What’s the role of JAMB in admissions in Nigeria?

Answer: JAMB’s role in admission is to organize a Unified exam for admission seekers into universities in Nigeria. As of today, jamb offers the first layer of screening for candidates, it is only when candidates scale through JAMB they can think of Post JAMB.

2. Can JAMB single handedly offer candidates admission?

Answer: Yes and No, yes because every JAMB do have merit list which contains the names of best performers in the current year’s examination, these sets of students names will be sent to their various choice of universities to be admitted based on JAMB’s recommendation, it’s now left for the university to honour the recommendation or not.

In the past, before the advent of Post JAMB, universities admit students according to their performance in JAMB, so students with high JAMB were automatically given admission but today, JAMB only recommends and it is left for the university to decide.

3. My School is not asking me of JAMB admission letter.

Answer: Universities issue their own admission letter either before matriculation or on matriculation day, the universities do not see the necessity for the JAMB admission letter since they offer the admission.

However, students needs to have the admission letter with for any of the reasons above.

4. What if I’m admitted by l can’t find my name on CAPS and print admission letter?

Answer: Students who are sure of their admission but can’t find their names on JAMB’s portal or are having difficulty printing their JAMB admission letter will have to apply for regularization.

See our post on JAMB matriculation list.

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