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How to use the NIMC Mobile App (MWS)



nimc mobile app


The NIMC mobile app is created and upgraded to solve the problem people face at various NIMC registration centres nationwide , the NIMC mobile app is solely of the federal government of Nigeria and it is free of use to all Nigerians.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is a body of the Federal Government of Nigeria vested with the responsibility of operating, maintaining, managing and generating the National Identity Database in Nigeria and by extension, the National Identification Number (NIN) .The NIMC was established by an act of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and it started operation during the administration of Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ).

Since inception, the NIMC have registered millions of Nigerians but were unable to issue the identity card to many due to reasons best known to them. The Minister of Digital Information, Dr Isa Pantami announced the NIMC app recently, after the previously launched app was deleted from Play Store for non-conformity to Google Apps policy.

nimc mobile app

NIMC Mobile App

The NIMC mobile is to serve as a more digital means of identification in which citizens can decide on their own on printing of the ID card or not, also scanning of the bar code generated by the App etc.

The way the NIMC Mobile ID App is designed is to enable users do more on their smartphones in terms of identification than ever before. Peoples identity can now be verified using the NIMC Mobile App, access the individual Digital ID Number and also download and print their National Identity card at will.

How Does the NIMC Mobile ID App Work?

There are things needed to be done before you can use the NIMC mobile app. You need to generate your National Identification Number (NIN) which is to be used in registering on the NIMC mobile app on the first instance. If you have never registered for the National Identification Number (NIN) then you will need to do.

To get your National Identification Number (NIN), visit any of the NIMC offices nationwide or any of their accredited agents for registration. But before proceeding to the center, you are advised to do your pre-enrolment to fasten the process click here to do so.

Visit here for the list of NIMC offices nationwide or their accredited registration agents.

Alternatively, if you have ever registered your BVN before, visit here to see how you can generate your National Identification Number (NIN) without registering before and do the biometrics later.

How to Check Your National Identification Number (NIN) with the NIMC Digital ID App?

  1. First dial *346# on your mobile number to retrieve your 11-digits National Identification Number (NIN) or get from your NIN slip/printout.
  2. Proceed to PlayStore or App Store on your mobile device to download the NIMC mobile ID app by searching for “NIMC mobile app”
  3. Alternatively, you can download it directly by following any of these links as applicable. For Android devices, Google Play Store Link while for iPhones, App Store Link.
  4. After successful download, grant the app authorization for successful installation.
  5. After successful installation, launch the app and wait for it to load.
  6. Follow through the on-screen instructions till it requests for your 11-digits National Identification Number (NIN) and enter it. Please do not enter your BVN in place of your NIN. If you don’t have it yet, you are advised to get, see how above.
  7. After that, input your phone number and wait for the one-time password (OTP) that will be sent to your phone for authentication. Wait for the message to arrive which do come late at times, if eventually you didn’t get the message under the stipulated 10 minutes, press resend or retry at night.
  8. After authentication, you will be required to configure a pin for the app and fingerprint if the phone supports it. This is done, so no intruder can have access to the app without authorization.
  9. When configuration is done, the app will display your National identity card with the option to toggle between full and partial ID card.
  10. Touch the ID card to display the flip page.
NIMC Mobile App

NIMC Mobile App


  1. There are many fake versions of the app on Play store and App store, so be careful while downloading and ensure you download the right app so you don’t end up submitting your details to fraudsters.
  2. If you have note done your biometrics capturing at the NIMC centre or with any of there accredited agents, your registration will not be complete and also the National ID card generated will not also be complete.
  3. You can print the generated ID card to plastic and use as a valid means of identity anywhere.
  4. The National ID card bears numbers like the document number which is an integral part of the ID card.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the NIMC Mobile ID App

Below are some questions and their answers on the NIMC mobile ID app. Read along to learn.

After downloading the app, do I still need to collect a plastic national ID card?

As announced by the Federal Government, once the National ID card has been generated, individuals can go ahead to print their National ID card into plastic and it will be acceptable all over Nigeria.

What if I do not have a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone to access the app, you will have to continue using the slip generated to you after successful registration at the NIMC center pending the time the plastic National ID card will be issued.

Alternatively, you can use a friend’s phone after the person would have successfully logged out, then you use it to generate your ID card and save for printing then you log out and he re-log in.

Why is the NIMC Mobile App important?

With the way the Federal government is taking the issue, most likely most things that requires means of identification will be built around the National Identification Number (NIN) e.g. Voters card, Tax clearance card, Drivers license, International passport etc.

FRSC have also announced that no drivers license will be issued to any individual without the National Identification Number (NIN). So, most likely all other means of identification issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria will be synchronized with the NIMC mobile ID app.

What do I do if I lose my smartphone or it gets stolen?

One of the major reasons for setting of pin and fingerprint is to ensure security on secure any means of data breach. But in any case, you lose possession of your phone and you feel, someone might gain access to the app. Login following the process above with your new phone or a friend’s phone to change pin.

Official Download Link of the NIMC Mobile ID App

Below are the direct download links to the NIMC mobile id app.

For Android Google Play Store Link while for iPhones, App Store Link.

Issues with The NIMC Mobile ID App

When the app was first released, it was marred with lots of irregularities like wrong picture, wrong date of birth, wrong names, login issues and others. Even though the app is still not the final product but it has been greatly improved compared to how it was initially.

Though the app requires strong network like 4G network to login but people with 3G network have record success of late. For those having issues login in, they are advised to try again in the night.

In case you need our assistance in registering or other, do not hesitate to use the comment box in reaching out to us, we will be very glad to hear from you and help.

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