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JAMB 2021 Registration Form Price, Starting Date, Closing Date & Exam Date



JAMB 2021 registration

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board has announced the commencement of registration for the JAMB 2021 registration. This news was announced by the board’s registrar.

Allschoolsinfo have hereby put together a compact guide to guide all intending students and also furnish you with information needed regards the JAMB 2021 registration including registration date, form template, JAMB registration form price, examination date, date of commencement of sale of form and closing date of registration.

This article also covers the needed steps in successful registration for the JAMB 2021 registration both for all Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) AND Direct Entry (DE) students.

In addition to the necessary information needed regards the JAMB 2021 registration, students are also giving the instructions on all other things needed for the successful registration for the JAMB 2021 registration e.g. steps in creating profile code, an email (g-mail), correction of data (name, date of birth, gender).

As for students without their O’level results or incomplete O’level result, read along what to do while registering for the JAMB 2021 registration.


The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a body of the federal government vested with the responsibility of conducting examination for students for admissions into all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This also includes monotechnics, polytechnics and colleges of education.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) also in time past offers admissions to students directly before the advent of post-jamb in 2005 when universities started conducting their own exams as a means of double screening of students who have scaled through JAMB.

In time past, the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) conducts separately and annually both PCE and UME. PCE for students seeking admission into polytechnics and monotechnics while UME for students seeking admission into the university.

Also in 2014, JAMB introduced the computer based standardized tests after successful test-run in 2013 with students giving the option of choosing between computer based test (CBT) and paper based test (PBT), the board concluded on going with the CBT going forward and ever since then, it has been a success with lots of CBT centres coming on board.

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is only valid for a year and with grade range between 0-400. Most state universities accept cut-off mark of 180 while most federal universities accept minimum of 200.


The steps involved in registering for the JAMB 2021 registration are given below. However, candidates are to note that there are some things needed that makes up the requirements for the JAMB 2021 registration.

Some of these things can be done by yourself before proceeding to the CBT center e.g. creation of a verified email account preferably Gmail, creation of profile code, correction of errors in name and others.

You are advised to create your email account yourself and not leave for your agent to do, most agents do not create email for students, all they do is just write the name of the student, add a number to the end and put @hotmail at the end.

You are also advised to be careful of where you go for your JAMB 2021 registration, many cybercafés portray themselves as CBT centers while they are not.


Below are the things needed for the JAMB 2021 registration. Candidates will have to get them ready before you can be rest assured you are set for the JAMB 2021 registration.

The things needed are as follows:

  1. Verified E-mail address: Firstly, you need to create a verified email address, preferably a Gmail address because in most times there are issues of verification and accessibility after some time of usage. Create an email like and ensure you login to it.
  2. O’level Result: Since you cannot gain admission into the university without writing and having a complete O’level result and JAMB is written for the sole purpose of seeking admission into the university.

Then, you are required to have an O’level result. For candidates without an O’level result, then, you will have to have registered for an exam or expecting the result of an exam and in such case, you input awaiting result “AR” during the course of registration.

  1. A Personal Phone Number: Each candidates profile is tied to a phone number, 2 students with the same parent cannot use a single phone number to register.

Each student to a phone number, the phone number with the mail will be the medium to be used in reaching the students in further dealings.

  1. National Identification Number (NIN): The management of JAMB had in 2020 insisted on using NIN of candidates in registering for JAMB before backing down as a result of inability of students to register for the NIN.

But it won’t be surprising if JAMB insist on the use of NIN for the JAMB 2021 registration.


The profile code is a ten-digit code given to students for registration for JAMB.

To get your profile code, do the following:

  1. Go to SMS app on your phone, click create message.
  2. Type your full name i.e. (Surname, First Name, Middle Name) e.g. Adamu Adaobi Adekunle.
  3. Send to 55019 and wait for a response containing your JAMB profile code.

The text cost a token of Fifty naira (₦50) for all networks. From recent experience, MTN is the only network that responds immediately, in the past years, candidates had to send the SMS thrice or more before they could get the code on other networks and each message cost the Fifty-naira (₦50) charge.


The date for the commencement of JAMB 2021 registration is June 19th 2021 to July 3rd 2021 as announced by the board.

However, the board has just announced her meeting with the owners of CBT centers and also the approval of over 100 CBT centers.

Candidates are however advised to intensify their preparation for the JAMB 2021 by practicing the JAMB past questions and also read the novel for the previous year.


The deadline for the JAMB 2021 registration is May 15th 2021, a month and some weeks from the date of commencement of registration.

Candidates are advised to ensure the get their registration done, has the board might not extend the date of closure of registration for this year.


JAMB stakeholders recommended a two-week extension to the jamb examination registration and because of that the board decided to extend the deadline for the registration exam 2 May 29th 2021.


The exam dates will be given immediately after the conclusion of the JAMB 2021 registration.

So, the date for the commencement of JAMB 2021 is 19th June 2021.


The following are what constitutes the price of JAMB form.

Registration Fee: 3500

Service Charge (CBT centre charge): 700

Literature Text: 500

Remitta Bank Charge: Unstable

A student should spend between Five thousand naira and Six thousand naira (₦5,000 – ₦6,000) for the JAMB 2021 registration.

Candidates with means of online payment can make the purchase of their JAMB e-pin from home before proceeding to the CBT center.

Payment for the service charge and literature text are to be made at the CBT center after successful registration.

There is an option for registration for JAMB mock exam which will cost extra one thousand naira (N1000) and is a dependent of availability of space.

Students are advised to download the JAMB registration form template so as to give them a clear idea of vital information needed during the JAMB 2021 registration.


As it has been explained earlier that a verified email account is needed for the JAMB 2021 registration.

Below is a step by step guide on how to created and verify a Gmail account.

  1. Visit the Gmail account registration portal and enter the required information.
  2. After successfully entering your name, enter your desired email address, you don’t need to add to it e.g. anthonyjoshua no need ow writing
  3. In a case where the username is not available, google will come up with other usernames that are available, choose from any of the provided available options or try some other usernames until you get an accepted one.
  4. Next is entering your desired password, Google advise users to use a combination of Upper-case letter, Lower case letter, Alpha numeric keys and numbers.
  5. After that, enter your phone number and verify the phone number by entering the one-time password (OTP) sent to your phone.
  6. Also, you will be required to enter a recovery email, ensure you provide email of someone very close to you for this or use your alternative email address but you will need this alternate mail and or phone number in time of account recovery.
  7. After submit, then you will be taken to your inbox which means your account has been successfully created.

Note: As a rule, Google do not accept the registration for account with date of birth (age) lesser than eighteen years.

Also, while other students use other mail providers in creating their email account, while there is nothing bad in it, we have only found out Gmail is the most reliable of them all.


Because many JAMB candidates are new to the system and are unaware of the necessary things to do both as part of the JAMB 2021 registration and what is not part but necessary.

Below are few things students get confused about and make mistakes that hinder their admission into the university easily.

  1. Choice of University and Desired course: All universities don’t offer the same courses, and university don’t offer all courses as well, for example, as at the time of writing this article only two universities offers Biomedical engineering in Nigeria.

So, you need to confirm the availability of the course you intend to pick for the JAMB 2021 registration before concluding on it.

  1. Subject Combination: For many students while registering very many do think the subject’s they are to pick for the UTME examination is based on their interests.

But, sorry the three subjects to be picked in addition to the compulsory English Language is a function of the departmental requirements of your desired university.

Subject combination for the same course is not the same for all universities e.g. Usman Dan Fodio University accepts Mathematics in lieu of Physics for MBBS while Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan and apparently all universities in Southwestern Nigeria only accept Physics in addition to Chemistry, Biology and English Language.

After successful registration for the UTME, it is not possible for students to change the subject combination, so, you have to be sure of the subjects you are choosing when registering.

  1. Since the advent of computer-based test (CBT), there’s no more need for snapping of passport photographs as this will be done during biometrics capturing.
  2. Your profile code, JAMB e-pin are vital information that will be used at the CBT center, you must guide them jealously.
  3. If you have an O’level result, be it NECO, WAEC or NABTEB take it along with you as information on it will be used and it will also be scanned and uploaded to the JAMB portal.


Since the introduction of CBT for UTME, the biometrics capturing has also been introduced which is being improved upon on yearly basis.

Very many students assume once they’ve given money to an agent and filled a biodata form, they are registered. This is not true and misconceptions like this makes it possible for agents to swindle students, we have heard a case of an agent collecting money from students without registering them.

On getting to the CBT center, below are the things you are to do.

  1. Find the person in charge and tell him your purpose of being there.
  2. You will be attended to immediately or asked to join the queue if there are others before you.
  3. On getting to the point of registration, you will be asked of your profile code and JAMB e-pin, provide them to the registrar.
  4. In front of you is a screen which you will use in monitoring, cross-checking and confirming what the registrar is filling.
  5. Ensure you are following what the person is filling on the computer and they are all of yours and entered as they are meant to be e.g. Surname, First name and Last name, date of birth, email address, SSCE and type, subject combination, course and institution, home address. In case of any error, call the attention of the person registering you to it immediately and see that it’s corrected before proceeding.
  6. For those that registers early for the JAMB 2021 registration, they will have available to them the option of writing mock, the registrar will ask you and your answer depend on your choice but in case your answer is yes, it means you will have to pay extra one thousand naira (1000) in addition to the CBT center service charge.
  7. After taking your picture and capturing all of ten fingers, it will be submitted and the form will be brought again to you for final confirmation. At this point, please take your time to cross-check thoroughly because it worth the stress as most errors like date of birth, email and some others cannot be changed after final submission.
  8. After successful registration, you will be given a print-out of your JAMB registration form and the novel book for the year after paying the CBT center service charge.

Never allow someone else fingerprints to be use in place of yours as this will spell doom at the examination center when your fingerprints will be required before you can be allowed into the examination hall.


For candidates with no O’level result but have registered or written another exam and awaiting result.

For such candidates in such situation, all you need do is tell the registrar you are using awaiting result (AR).

But you need to supply your center number and registration number of the awaiting result and also the center name and the subjects registered for the said examination.

The accepted results for the awaiting results can either be WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB but A level results are not accepted for awaiting results (AR).


In case the email address you used for the registration is not correct, you are left with two options.

  1. Create the incorrect email address: Try to create an email address with the same spelling as the one you used, so that you can subsequently receive mails from JAMB on the newly created email.
    If the email address is not available or has been created/used.
    You are left with option two.
  2. Pay money at the JAMB CBT center to change the email address.

You will be asked to pay between three and five thousand naira to change it.

After payment, it will be changed. But make sure that it is also correct.


The JAMB mock is not compulsory for candidates sitting for the JAMB 2021. The purpose of the mock examination is to get students familiar with the modalities of the exam.

Only candidates who register early enough for the JAMB 2021 registration will have the opportunity of registering for the mock exam.

Students who have written the JAMB exam in recent years are advised against it, since they already have the prerequisite knowledge of the real JAMB exam in recent time.


The email you used in registering for JAMB and the phone number you used are very important, you must guide them jealously. In a case, you forgot the password to your JAMB account, no need to panic, follow the below process to get back access into your JAMB efacility portal.

JAMB 2021 registration

JAMB 2021 registration

  1. Visit JAMB portal.
  2. Click of log in to efacility at the top right-hand corner of the website, then click.
  3. On the page loaded, click forgot password and enter your mail then click reset password.
  4. Proceed to your mail inbox and find a mail from JAMB, open the mail and click on the link to reset your password.
  5. Enter your new password and proceed to log in.
  6. If done rightly, you will definitely regain access into your JAMB efacility portal.

Once again, we advise you use Gmail while registering for JAMB because Gmail has proved over time that they can be relied upon to a certain extent.


After successful registration for the JAMB exam, you will be given a slip which will contains details of your exam but have examination center and date of exam missing.

This is where having access to your mail comes extremely important. After concluding registration for all candidates and closing registration, JAMB will then allocate examination center and dates to candidates and then send the slip to their respective mails.

For someone who for one reason or another do not get access to their mail, they can have it printed through the JAMB portal by using their email, phone number or JAMB registration number.

Candidates are also advised to be vigilant, once the JAMB reprinting commences, they will hear the peers talking about it. The reprinted slip contains information such as JAMB examination centre, Examination date, Examination time, Seat number etc.


Yes, but you will after wait until after the release of the UTME results.

All errors are expected to be corrected before the finalization of registration i.e. before visiting the CBT center for biometrics capturing or at the CBT center during biometrics capturing, anything later than that, you will have to wait till the release of results.

The charge for change of institution and course is N2500 plus administrative charges and correction can only be made maximum of three times.

Candidates are advised to be careful and seldom in changing course and institution, you are advised to wait for the last batch of admission list to be released before calling it off on the current school chosen and moving on to the next one.




How to Upload WAEC Result To JAMB Portal


No, but why should you or why would you think of re-using previously used profile code?

JAMB has reiterated over time that, it’s one candidate per phone number which also means one unique profile code.

The profile code is what is being used to generate PIN and the used in the JAMB CBT center for biometrics capturing.

After successful completion of the JAMB registration, either gaining admission with the JAMB or not, the profile code, the JAMB registration number, phone number, mail and password will be subsequently used in accessing and doing other various things on the concerned candidates efacility portal.

Getting the profile code is easy, and it only costs a token of Fifty Naira only (₦50) by sending your name i.e. First Name, Middle Name and Last Name e.g. Chukwumerije Adamu Olaitan.

You will then receive your JAMB profile code, though some network delay but it will later be sent to you.


In name correction, there are two ways about it:

  1. Misspelt name
  2. Wrong name.

There is a solution for misspelt name while wrong name cannot be corrected. For misspelt name, there’s correction to that and it will cost Four Thousand Naira only (₦4000) and can only be done once.

But for wrong name, there’s no way to go about that than to swear an affidavit to that effect.

It is worthy of note, this change can only be made at the CBT center but payment can be made before going to the CBT center.


Uploading of the O’level details on the JAMB portal is very important and can hinder admission process. For those that use awaiting result (AR) during registration or made mistake during registration by uploading the wrong results.

After the release of the JAMB results, proceed to the CBT center with a print-out of your O’level result. Some CBT centers charge Five Hundred Naira (₦500) for uploading.


Error during registrations are inevitable but very avoidable. For error of gender, the correction can also be made after registration or after completion of the UTME exam at the CBT centre.

But the registration, again, you have to pay attention on the mirror screen when the registrar is entering the details into the computer because any error made will cost you some money for correction.


We believe you find this information very useful and it definitely will help you for the JAMB 2021 registration, and answer all questions you might have concerning JAMB 2021 registration.

In case you have addition or amendments to this write up, we will be glad to hear from you, please feel free to use the comment box below and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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