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JayR Tinaco Biography



JayR Tinaco

Who is Jayr Tinaco?

The biography of Jayr Tinaco has always been a topic for discussion among many people and allschoolsinfo has made some research about who actually Jayr Tinaco is. Grab your popcorn and join us as we take you through the Jayr Tinaco biography.

JayR Tinaco

JayR Tinaco

Jayr Tinaco’s Birth

The non-binary actor, JayR Tinaco was born on 5th of January, 1989 in Manila, Philippines but spent most of his childhood meaning they grew up in Sydney and Queensland, Australia.

They came into limelight prominently from the role they played in the sci-fi drama series on Netflix titled “Another Life”. Jayr Tinaco actually played the role of Zayn Petrossian. His zodiac sign or sun sign is the Capricorn.

JayR Tinaco Net worth

Jayr Tinaco net worth has grown since they broke into film industry, they have appeared in about 8 movies and short films. His net worth is over $300,000. Even as a newbie in the Hollywood, his net worth grew majorly from his role in the TV show “Another Life” and other short films. Over the next few years, his net worth is expected to grow far more beyond the current figure as they are an uprising star.

Childhood & Nationality

While he was born in Manila, Jayr Tinaco spent his childhood in two different places across Australiia. He first lived in Sydney before relocating with his parents to Queensland, Northeastern Australia.

Jayr Tinaco spent one part of his childhood in his hometown of Sydney, until he moved with his parents and siblings to Queensland, located in north-east Australia. He has Australian nationality, belongs to Filipino-Australian ethnicity, and his religion is Christianity. 

JayR Tinaco Gender (Boy or Girl)

JayR Tinaco has confused many regarding his gender and up till now many still wonders if he’s actually a male or female or a transgender. Though he claims he is non-binary (genderqueer) and never a transgender.

Though personal opinion, but he actually is a transgender because looking at his physique coupled with the fact that he still wears his make-up.

In an interview with the magazine “Out”, he revealed that he suffered series of maltreatment in the hands of his peers when he was in high school first because then because he is non-gender conforming (non-binary).

Though most non-binary/genderqueer people prefer to be called their names or use gender-neutral pronouns for them, but they are also referred to using non-gender specific pronouns like they, them, their and also some gender specific pronouns like he and him.

They prefer being regarded to using the non-gender specific pronouns because they believe their gender fits in between the male and female genders. 

Education (Academic History) and Life before Fame

JayR Tinaco spent early part of his years working as a bartender to earn a living and support his family. He was later hired by the Hotel Steyne in Sydney, Australia. JayR Tinaco further attended the Australian Institute of Performing Arts where obtained Professional Actor Masterclass.

After obtaining his Professional Actor Masterclass, he moved to the US to further his career in acting, he later settled in Los Angeles in 2005 but got his first professional acting role in 2009.

JayR Tinaco

                                       JayR Tinaco in a Movie


Personal Life, Residence, Favorites, Hobbies

JayR Tinaco is single at the moment and it’s believed he’s not searching because of is statements in most of his recent interviews and posts on his Instagram, he is believed to be a lover of himself.

In an interview, he revealed is favorite actor and actress are Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie and enjoys travelling a lot.

He lives in a house he bought in Los Angeles and he’s a member of the LGBTQ+ community in Hollywood and also participates in various panels of the LGBTQ+.

JayR Tinaco was quoted when interviewed by Variety Magazine saying “When you’re an actor starting out and you have an agent telling you this, you want to listen because you want to make it and you want to work.”, this is in response to questions about his agents telling to do more straight acting earlier in his career in Hollywood.

Career History in Hollywood

Jayr Tinaco landed his first movie role though small (two episodes) in 2009, when he appeared in an Australian soap opera “Home and Away”. He played the role of a trapped student in both episodes of the TV show. The show was created by Alan Bateman and aired on Seven Network.

His second appearance on the screen came three years later (2012) in Simone Pietro Felice’s short Sci-Fi drama film “Your Life Again”, where he played the role of Alan. Then in 2014, he played the role of a drag-queen in another short film titled “Snowboy” created by Samuel Leighton-Dore.

His first movie role came in 2015 when he appeared on the big screen in a movie (drama romance) titled “Down”, he played the role of “Dan”. In the following year (2016), he appeared on another Netflix TV show (Rake) which was the fourth season show of the ABC1 comedy-drama series where he played the role of Qi, he appeared in just two episodes.


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Three years later, he came into prominence with his starring role in the TV show “Another Life” where he played the role of Zayn Petrossian, up till this day, this appear his most successful work in the movie industry. Also, in year 2019, he appeared on the big screen in Always Be My Maybe by Nahnacka where he played the role of the Saintly Fare Host.

In 2020, he played the role of Stevie in a TV show title “A million little things” where he appeared in only one episode.

His current work includes, the filming of the second season of ‘Another Life”, “The Power”, ‘One of us is Lying”. He recently announced e has joined Mahershala Ali & Glenn Close in Apple TV+ named “Swan Song”.

Rise to Prominence and “Another Life”

In the Sci-Fi drama series “Another Life”, his appearance with actors and actresses such as Blu Hunt, Katee Sackhoff, A. J. Rivera and Samuel Anderson, and others helped him a lot to reach prominence coupled with his ability to play the character to perfection.

His life after his role in the TV show “Another Life” has really catapulted him into prominence and ever since then, he has been landing multiple roles in the movie industry.

And ever since he came into limelight, he has been gracing the screens in series of movie, roles, TV shows and short films.

Immediately after his role in “Another Life”, he was given a small role to play in a comedy film “Always Be My Maybe”, written by Ali Wong, Michael Golamco and Randall Park, and directed by Nahnatchka Khan.

Physical Appearance and Vital Statistics

  • Light brown eyes
  • Vital Statistics – 38-30-36
  • Short dark brown hair
  • Biceps Size – 14
  • Height – 5ft 7ins (1.70m)
  • Weight – 154lbs (70kgs)
  • Shoe Size – 7 (US)


Note: We use they in place of him/he where possible in some parts of the article.

Is there other information on JayR Tinaco not captured in this write-up?

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