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National Identity Card Registration 2020 Process and Requirements



National Identity Card Registration 2020


The National ID card is an important document just like an ATM card, it proofs the nationality of an individual at any place all over the world. It’s an official document designed an issued by a country to her citizens to ascertain their citizenry and attach their existence with unique identification number to her database.Because of this, we have deem it neccessary to write on steps involve in the national identity card registration.

National Identity Card Registration 2020

National Identity Card Registration 2020

In most developed nation, the national ID card is synchronized with birth registration and death registration. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) established in 2007 is vested with the responsibility of designing, processing and issuing of the National ID card.

There are other important ID cards in Nigeria e.g. Voters card, drivers license and the international passport, while all these serve several purposes as their names implies, the National ID card segregates a Nigerian from a foreigner in Nigeria.

Time in the past as far back as early 90’s, Nigeria had a lot of foreigners from other countries like Ghana, Niger Republic, Benin Republic, Togo etc. living and making their earnings in Nigeria and also claiming Nigerian citizenship. This problem and other is the purpose of creation of the National identity card.

You are advised to find a way to get yourself registered for the national identity card registration if you are yet to because doing so means you have a valid means of identification and you are almost confident you can easily identify yourself where you are on earth in as much you have it on you.

Though the application process and issuance of the national identity card to registered citizens has been extremely slow over the years and many people, most recently students have suffered untold hardship in getting their registration done. Some in many cases last year had to travel long distance outside their states just to increase their chances of getting their bio-metrics done faster.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board later canceled the use of the National Identification Number (NIN) asa major requirement for the 2020 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry registration as result of the hardships parents and students faced during registration but promised it will be used in following year.

This article has explained in details how to go about the registration from pre-enrolment to the final stage of enrollment for the national identity card registration.


  1. NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD: It’s a permanent document issued to citizens by her government for means of identification, planning purpose for government and other necessary purposes.

United States of America for example issues a national identity number which is a social security number (SSN) to people in the USA both citizens, temporary residents and permanent residents.

All developed nations use the national ID card and takes it and some African countries as well issues the national ID card to her citizens.

  1. NIMC NUMBER: The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is the Federal Government Agency established by the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007, it is vested with responsibilities of creating, operating, maintaining, owning, and managing the national database, register citizens and legal residents, assign a unique National Identification Number (NIN) to them and issue National identity cards.
  2. NIN: This the national identity number, a unique number attached to each individual upon successful registration for the national identity card registration.
National Identity Card Registration 2020

National Identity Card Registration 2020

  1. PRE-ENROLMENT: This is done to aid smooth process during bio-metrics capturing. The pre-enrolment can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. It captures the basic information like name, nationality, state and local government of origin.


Below are the required documents for final registration for the national identity card registration after pre-enrolment.

  1. Valid driver’s license
  2. Valid international passport
  3. Old national ID card
  4. Voters card
  5. Student/staff ID card
  6. Birth certificate or sworn affidavit
  7. Certificate of state of origin.

Worthy of note only one of the above is needed as a means of identification to, it will be given to the NIMC officials to upload for you to finalize your registration.


Please follow the steps below and ensure you put in all information accurately.

  1. Visit NIMC website to access the pre-enrolment form.
  2. Provide the required information in each column as requested
  3. Print the summary sheet which contains a 2D barcode and a registration identification number.

If you are on mobile phone which means you are not connected to a printer, save the document as PDF and proceed to a business center for printing.

  1. Proceed to the enrollment center where you give an officer the printout of the pre-enrolment for complete registration.

Check here to know the nearest enrollment center to you out of the 37 available biometric capturing centers nationwide.

  1. Review your information as it’s been entered into the computer on the mirror screen facing you.
  2. After input of your details, you take a passport photograph there, then fingerprints (10 of them). and then you e-sign your application.
  3. Provide your supporting documents for scanning.
  4. After successful submission of your application, you will be given two slips:
  5. NIN slip containing few details about you.
  6. Transaction slip.
  7. Go home and wait till you get the go ahead to come for your permanent national identity card.

  1. What is national id card print out?

It is the temporary identity card given to you after successful enrollment.

  1. How do I go about the national id card online registration

Visit here to begin your registration.

  1. How long does it take to get national id card in Nigeria?

Hmnn! It depends, some are lucky to get theirs after three years, check here to see if your ID card is ready.

  1. Does GTB do national id card?

No, they only do BVN registration.

  1. Where can i do my national id card?

You can do it in any of their registration offices nationwide, Check here  to know the nearest enrollment center to you out of the 37 available biometric capturing centers nationwide.

  1. When will national id card be ready?

Same answer as number 3.

  1. What is temporary national id card?

It is the temporary ID card, see number 1.

  1. How to check if your national id card is ready?

Visit here and input the required details to check if your National identity card is ready.

Note: If you are having difficulty with the pre-enrolment at home, proceed to the NIMC enrollment center without further delay.

We believe going through the process identified above you will get your National Identity card registration 2020 done in due time, you can use the comment box to share your opinion or experience at the NIMC center with us.


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