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New: Airtel Data Balance Code Plus 2 other Methods of Checking



Airtel data balance code


With several activation and plan codes across all networks, remembering the Airtel data balance code is not an easy task hence, we have written this article to either remind or tell you the Airtel data balance code and other useful Airtel codes. Read!!!


Airtel is one of the largest telecommunication brands in Nigeria with wide network all over Nigeria, and outside Africa. The largest customer base in Nigeria is shared between Airtel and MTN Nigeria with lots of exciting offers and tariffs for customers. Due to numerousity of these offers, customers tend to get confused when it gets to codes and hence, we have decided to write on Airtel Data Balance Code.

For all Airtel subscriber that have been searching the internet for Airtel data balance code, we have written this blog post to explain to you guides in accessing your data balance using the Airtel data balance code.

Aside using the Airtel data balance code, there’s also another new method of checking your Airtel data balance with just two buttons press. Read below to learn.

Keeping up with data usage is not an easy task for anyone and running an out of data is never an option for many. While for some it’s the money for subscription that is issue while for some it’s plainly not knowing they are almost of data or being out of data already and that’s why we do advise many to save the Airtel data balance code on their phone contacts.

Airtel data balance code

Airtel data balance code

Personally, I know how painful it could be to be out of data as it can be very frustrating and this can be solved by also setting data usage limit on your Android setting so as to keep you abreast of your data usage and enable you to properly plan for re-subscription.

How To Check Your Data Balance On Airtel Network

As said earlier there are about three methods to be mentioned in this article but we will only be explaining in detail only one of them which is Airtel data balance code and the others will be explained in detail in other articles.

The methods are easily explained below and barring any network issue or error of input from your end, you will be provided with your Airtel data balance include the data bonus and date of expiry.

1. Airtel Data Balance Code:

To access your Airtel data balance with the Airtel data balance code, it’s very easy simply proceed to your phone dial pad and dial *140# on the Airtel number you want to check the data balance.

Barring any network issue, it will process for some seconds and display your data balance to you including your data bonus balance and data expiry dates, or you receive a message saying “Dear customer, you will receive an SMS with your data balance details shortly,”

Yes, expiry dates because there are times the data balance and data bonus have different expiry dates but most times when the expiry dates re not the same, then the data bonus expires before the data balance.

Also, currently Airtel gives Night data plan bonus after every subscription which is totally different from the data allocation and it’s only usable between 1AM and 5AM in the midnight.

Also, you can access your Airtel data balance by dialing *141*10# or better by dialing *141# then choose data balance among the list of the options which is currently number 10 but always changes.

Per adventure, you are out of data, you can use the *141# to access the available data plans, apart from the weekly, monthly and mega plans, ensure you check for the Airtel hot deals, you never knew you might be lucky and have a deal from Airtel.

2. The Android U_life feature:

Apart from using the Airtel data balance code, you can also use the Andoid U_life feature embedded in the phone dial pad. Read more here.

3. The Airtel Mobile App:

If you have the Airtel mobile App installed on your phone, you can also use it to get your Airtel data balance instead of the Airtel data balance code.

For the Mobile App, download from here: Play Store or App Store


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Below are some other Airtel codes to access various services of Airtel, check below for the ones you need.

  • Code to check Airtel internet balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*140#
  • Code to check Airtel SMS Balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*123*7#
  • Code to check Airtel Number? From your phone dial pad, dial*282#
  • What is Airtel special offers code? From your phone dial pad, dial*566#
  • Code to check Airtel minutes balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*121*1#
  • Code to check Airtel Night Minutes balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*123*6#
  • Code to check Airtel airtime balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*123#
  • Code to check Airtel Data balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*141*1#
  • Code to check Airtel Night Data balance? From your phone dial pad, dial*123*197#

We believe you find this information on Airtel data balance code very useful and it definitely will help you answer your question on Airtel data balance code and beyond.

In case you have addition or amendments to this write up, we will be glad to hear from you, please feel free to use the comment box below and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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