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Npower Past Questions And Answers PDF Download 2020



Npower Past Questions And Answers PDF Download
Npower Past Questions And Answers PDF Download

Npower Past Questions And Answers PDF Download


About 4 million applicants have registered for the 2020 Batch C Npower programme, because of the publicity generated by the previous Npower programmes for batches A and B, the chances of you been shortlisted can be boosted by downloading the Npower past questions and answers pdf download 2020. The Federal ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social welfare announced that only 400000 applicants will be selected from about 4 million applicants.

If you are yet to apply, see how to here: BATCH C NPOWER REGISTRATION 2020 – APPLY NOW

After applying for the Npower Batch C program, many of our subscribers who are also Npower Batch C program have been asking us questions like:

Npower Past Questions & Answers Frequently asked questions

Npower Past questions and answers PDF Download

Npower recruitment past questions and answers

Npower aptitude assessment test interview questions

Npower test questions 2020

npower past questions and answer

npower past questions and answers pdf

npower past questions and answers pdf download

npower past questions and answers 2020


If you have any of the above questions or more, there’s no problem as our Npower past questions and answers 2020 will suffix for the following Npower programmes: Npower Agro, Npower Build, Npower Tax, Npower Teach, Npower Creative, Npower Build, Npower Health, Npower Knowledge.

Apart from the Npower Past Questions and Answers PDF download, we also have some questions below with their answers for practice. Please read below for practice and preparation.


The exam will be computer based test (CBT), just like previous should be about 25 questions ranging from general knowledge, mathematics and current affairs.


There’s no date announced yet, hopefully it will be announced after completion registration.


We advise you practice the Npower Past Questions & Answers 2020/2021 – Download PDF sample questions below. After practice NPOWER PAST QUESTIONS & ANSWERS PDF DOWNLOAD











Npower BATCH C 2020 recruitment and Registration Requirements(SSCE/NECO/NABTEB/OND)


The Npower test will be online (CBT) for the lucky shortlisted candidates, the date is yet to be announced by the management of the programme in due time. Read through the page and practice the questions below. The Npower Batch C test questions we posted below have the answers afterwards, we advise you get a sheet of paper and practice first before using the solution answers below to mark yourself.

After using the on-site test questions, though the Batch C screening aptitude test will definitely be different from the Batch A & B recruitment test questions. We advise all prospective Batch C volunteers download the Batch A and B recruitment assessment test past questions and answers.

Using the Batch A and B past questions and answers will help you in adequate preparation for the Npower past questions & answers 2020 CBT test.


Npower Past Questions and Answer 2020

  1. Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames is called
  2. Key Framing
    b. Posing
    c. Animating
    d. Background Painting
  3. The pictorial explanation of the script is known as
  4. White Board
    b. Picture Board
    c. Storyboard
    d. Story Line
  5. Creating realistic sounds in animation is called?
    Select one:
    a. Sound Creation
    b. Editing
    c. Foley
    d. Inkling
  6. A PC based video editing software is?
  7. Disk Manager
    b. Premiere
    c. Security Center
    d. Avast
  8. Which of these is NOT a process of Animation
  9. Walk Cycle
    b. Lip Syncing
    c. Inking
    d. Plumbing
  10. Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames is called
  11. Key Framing
    b. Posing
    c. Animating
    d. Background Painting
  12. When an image seems to close in on a person or object making the object appear bigger or smaller on screen, we call this
  13. Focusing
    b. Zooming
    c. Paning
    d. Arial Shot
  14. The summary of a television program, film, or book that states the central conflict of the story, often providing both a synopsis of the story’s plot, and an emotional “hook” to stimulate interest IS CALLED
  15. Log Line
    b. Synopsis
    c. Script
    d. Summary
  16. Which of these is not a rainbow color?
  17. Black
    b. Yellow
    c. Blue
    d. Red
  18. Which of these was not a painter?
    a. Leonardo Da Vinci
    b. Splinter Rhodes
    c. Michael Angelo
    d. Raphael Sanzio

11. What grade did you have in school?

Select one: (Choose your answer according to your Grade at School)

A. 3rd Class / Pass

B. 2nd Class Lower + Masters / Lower Credit + Masters

C. 1st Class / Distinction

D. 3rd Class + Masters / Pass + Masters

E. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit

F. 2nd Class and PGD / Upper Credit and PGD

G. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit

H. 3rd Class + PGD / Pass + PGD

I. 1st Class and Masters / Distinction and Masters

J. 2nd Class Upper + Masters / Upper Credit + Masters

K. 2nd Class + PGD / Lower Credit + PGD

L. 1st Class and PGD / Distinction and PGD

12. All the people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election can be referred to as ________.

A. electionates

B. electioneers

C. electorates

D. electioners

13. The African Union (AU) was formally called______

Select one:

A. None of the above

B. Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

C. Organisation of African Countries (OAC)

D. Union of African Countries (UOAC)

14. Trade by barter means?

A. selling on credit

B. selling on debit

C. exchange of goods for other goods

D. None of the above

15. The EFCC was established to perform one of the following duties?

A. Prosecute economic crimes (Answer)

B. Support government officials

C. Arrest politicians who rig elections

D. Arrest lazy politicians

16. The first TV station in Nigeria was called_______.

A. National Television Corporation (NTC) in 1947

B. National Broadcasting Authority (NBA) in 1963

C. Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in 1960

D. Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV) in 1959

Answers to Free Npower Questionnaire

  1. C
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. B
  9. A
  10. B
  11. As applicable
  12. C
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A
  16. C

We wish you good luck as you write your exams. Use the comment box to reach us for assistance or complaints, we will be glad to hear from you.


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