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Npower Past Questions And Answers PDF Download


Few weeks ago, the federal government through one of her Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management announced the transitioning of the Npower Batch A&B and plans for fresh intakes (Batch C). This information can be found on Npower registration 2020 portal and their social media handles.

The Npower programme is part of the poverty alleviation schemes of the federal government under the presidency before being transferred to the Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management. The Batch A started at the tail end of 2016 with 300,000 volunteers before the addition of more 200,000 volunteers in mid-2017 totaling 500,000 volunteers.

The Npower registration 2020 just like the previous years will be done online. The process is absolutely free or should be as there are reports of allocation of 50,000 slots to members of the national assembly, however if true or not, do not let this deter you as there 400,000 spaces to be filled, the most important thing is that you ensure you apply on the Npower registration 2020 portal and supply accurate information as screening starts from there.

npower registration 2020 batch c

npower registration 2020 batch c

Npower Registration 2020 Categories

The Npower registration for this year is also opened to both graduates and non-graduates but unlike the previous Npower registration where the non-graduates’ category registration was done separately, the Npower registration 2020 for both graduates and non-graduates categories will be done on the same Npower registration portal simultaneously.


Job Description: N-Power Teach volunteers will be posted to schools to serve as assistant teachers and acquire experience that will useful to them after the program.

Job location: All 36 states across the country including the FCT

Duration: 12 months

Category: Graduate


Job Description:  They are to assist established health professionals in improving and promoting preventive healthcare in various communities nationwide.

Job location: All 36 states across the country including the FCT

Duration: 12 months

Category: Graduate


Job Description: N-Power Build volunteers will be assigned to various building and construction training centers where they can further aspire to a career in construction, works, and housing after graduation.

Job location: All 36 states across the country including the FCT

Duration: 6 months

Category: Non-graduate


Job Description: N-Power Build volunteers will be assigned to ICT training centres where they will acquire IT knowledge ranging from web development, programming etcetera.

Job location: All 36 states across the country including the FCT

Duration: 6 months

Category: Non-graduate


Job Description: N-Power Agro will posted to farms to acquire knowledge of agriculture and might also serve as enumerators for the Buhari Young farmer program, they also stand opportunity to gain agro-allied industry knowledge.

Job location: All 36 states across the country including the FCT

Duration: 6 months

Category: Non-graduate


Intending Batch C Npower volunteers should get themselves ready with the following information before visiting the Npower portal for the Npower registration.

  1. BVN: The BVN is a major requirement for registration, from reports, there were serious issue of reconciliation of data with Batch A and B, the Npower management team intends to mitigate this through the use of BVN from the registration stage.
  2. Functional Email and Phone number
  3. Academic certificates, passport photograph and ID card
  4. Age limit of minimum of 18 years and maximum of 35 years. If you don’t meet up with the age requirement don’t bother to apply because your BVN will fail you.


  1. Am I eligible to apply as I work for the government or in the private sector?

No, Npower has reiterated countless times that the program is only for the unemployed so if you work elsewhere you are ineligible.

  1. What’s the website for Npower Registration 2020

The website used in previous years is different from the one of current year, intending volunteers are advised to be very careful as there are lots of fake websites out there.

Visit here for the registration

  1. When will Npower registration commence

The Ministry announced through their social media handles that the Npower registration will commence on June 26, 2020 around 11:45PM.

  1. Who are those eligible to apply?

The Npower program is open for both graduates and non-graduates. In nutshell, people with secondary school certificates like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB etc can apply provided you are up to 18 years old.

  1. I applied on the portal before the date, what should I do?

As stated by the Npower management team, the registration is null and void, you have to re-apply when the registration commences proper, you might need to use a new email and phone number as the previous one might still be in their database hence blocking the new one.

  1. What are the ID cards accepted by Npower?

The ID cards allowed are National ID card, Driver’s License, International passport and Voters card.

  1. What are my chances after registration?

The Npower registration is to accommodate 400,000 beneficiaries, so your chances are as great as it is for every other Nigerians provided you are qualified.

  1. I don’t have BVN, what can I do

I am afraid you won’t be available to apply as the BVN is a major requirement for the Npower registration. It’s the only means the Npower handlers intends to validate your data.

  1. I applied twice!!!

Registering twice decreases your chances of shortlisting as it will appear as double entry which might made them nullify you from furthering your application.

  1. I can’t get my confirmation mail after registration

Please continue your registration as it will be sent to you later but you should also ensure you check your spam box as it could be there.

  1. I am just a secondary school graduate; can I apply?

Yes, you can apply with your O’Level results as there are categories meant for non-graduates like N-Agro, N-Tech, N-Build, and N-creative.

  1. Is it true Npower portal has been hacked and all BVN and Bank accounts exposed

No, it’s just another rumour bandied around on social media, there are no official reports from the Npower team regards that. It’s a baseless rumour, disregard.

  1. I am a current beneficiary, what are my chances?

All batch A and B are ineligible to apply as the Minister in charge of the ministry has promised to transition them after psychometric test.

  1. I am finding it difficult to upload my documents, getting error message

Ensure you compress your document and you get it in JPEG format and keep retrying.

  1. Can a Corp member (NYSC) apply?

Yes, there is provision to choose as either a serving corp member or to indicate if you are through with NYSC.

  1. I have difficulty register; how do I reach out to the Npower team?

You can reach the Npower team on any of this numbers 0906000045, 09060000446 or reach the on there Facebook page or Twitter handle.

  1. Npower registration portal not opening on my phone

Keep trying as there’s heavy traffic on the site, according to the minister over one million people have applied in few days of commencement of registration, so keep trying.

  1. Are NCE and OND holders eligible to apply

Yes, NCE holders are advised to apply for N-TEACH while OND holders are advised to choose any of the non-graduate categories.

  1. When will the Npower registration 2020 close?

As of now, there’s no announced date for close of registration by the Npower team but all we can say is that delay is dangerous. If you are interested why will you want to delay anyway?

Download the Npower past question here: Npower Past Questions And Answers PDF Download 2020

Good luck to you as you apply for the Npower registration 2020.



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