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10 Things you MUST Consider When Choosing A University In Nigeria



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Things to consider in choosing a University In Nigeria

Things to consider in choosing a University In Nigeria


Every admission seeker be it through UTME or DE must definitely make a choice during registration. This article highlights few of the mistakes most students make while registering and things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.

In life making a choice is not always easy as it’s meant to be, most especially when you don’t have enough details surrounding the options. Very many students have difficulty of choosing university and course when registering for UTME, and because of this they tend to make mistakes while choosing and we have put together a list of things as a student that you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria. Read on!

The situation is just like the case of an expectant father that start brainstorming on the day of his child’s naming ceremony on what name to name his child, however thoughtful he is, he definitely will make mistake because it’s a decision made in a rush. Same is the situation of a student thinking of university in Nigeria to choose at the CBT center.

While we definitely cannot tell you the university to choose because of many reasons e.g. choice of course, catchment area, finance etc. But we can guide you on what to do and how to go about it, well, that’s the essence of this post anyway to tell you things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria and things not to consider as well.

But before we go on mentioning things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria, you are lucky if you are reading this as a student in SS2 or below but if not there’s no need to worry because there’s room for correction by applying for change of course/institution.


Admission into the university is not like gaining admission into a secondary school, it’s stricter than that and while for many admission seekers choice of course and institution has to be made latest at the point of registration, the essence of this post is to guide you on things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria long before UTME registration and you don’t end up putting yourself under immense pressure at the point of registration and most importantly ease your way into the university because information is key.

So, here we go;


Many students make the mistake that all universities offer all courses. This is grossly untrue, universities offer different courses as a result of capacity and accreditation. Some courses in some university that had been accredited in the past has had their accreditation revoked.

Before choosing any course, check the availability either using the JAMB online brochure or using the CD given during UTME registration (though somehow useless, ‘cos it’s given after registration) and most importantly asking from students on campus for detail information about the course.

As at the last time of check, only University of Ilorin offer Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria, some university offer only computer engineering and not computer science while some offer both.

Whichever course you are to choose ensure the availability of the course in the institution you chose because it will be so awkward to choose an unavailable course in a university.

Check here for JAMB eBrochure.

  1. University Cut-Off Mark

As a student, you know yourself more than anybody and know your capability. Each university has their overall cut-off and the departmental cut-offs, this information is a very important one and students need to get accurate information for proper selection.

Take for example there are federal university that accepts 160 for some courses while most state universities accept minimum cut-off of 180.

Check what the cut-off mark of each university is in previous years, it will most likely be there or thereabout in succeeding year, prepare towards achieving a greater score towards that, in any case you don’t, apply for change of course/institution your UTME score is up to.

Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) and some others do have a webpage of list of courses and their cut-off marks as this are among list of things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria. 


Either by mistake of ignorance some students select wrong subject’s combination during their UTME registration, this definitely will affect their chances of admission has each course has it’s UTME subject’s requirement, student in such situation have to change their course to a course that fits the subject combination.

For O’Level results, some students have incomplete O’level result, that is not the end of the road, search through the JAMB brochure for courses that accepts your available O’Level results, their definitely will be a course for your available O’Level subjects.


Except in private universities, state universities in Nigeria considers state of origin while federal universities use catchment area.

Students from the state of the university are given admission with lower cut-off and lower school fee in some university e.g. Ondo State University of Science and Tech (OSUSTECH) freshmen from Ondo state pay N100,000 while non-indigent pays N150,000 as school fee.

Federal university on the other hand uses catchment area, students from same catchment area as the university enjoys lower cut-off mark than students from catchement area outside the catchment area of the university. e.g. Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto (UDUS) consider students from Sokoto. Zamfara and Kebbi for admission before considering students from other states.

With this you definitely will have state of origin and catchment are among things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.


All higher institutions in Nigeria get accreditation to operate likewise the courses they run.

Accreditation is the license of operation given to universities to run and also approval for departments of universities to offer courses by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

The NUC is the body in Nigeria vested with the responsibility of accrediting universities and courses for universities in Nigeria. They give license of operation to universities that meets up with requirements.

Students should ensure they check the course they intend to study is accredited so as not to find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance. e.g. The license to offer Medicine and Surgery as a course for university of Abuja was revoked some years back and students who chose Medicine and Surgery as course in the University had to be given another course, the same was also for Pharmacy in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (O.A.U) some years back.


In anything we do, one must definitely consider the financial implication and fee is definitely among the things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.

While most private universities in Nigeria pay around a million or more, most states universities pay around N100000 – N250000 except in the case of LASU and few others, LASU collects N25000 school fees for all students.

Federal universities on the other hand charge lesser fee, and apart from the fee, most state universities allow the sales of hand-outs and other course materials by lecturers but most federal universities do not allow that, lecturers that do so, do it covertly.

Note: The fees mentioned above does not cover other fees like departmental, accommodation, borrowers course fees and others.


No contest, University of Ilorin runs the fastest academic calendar among all public universities in Nigeria, while Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (O.A.U) and of recent Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso (LAUTECH) runs the slowest calendar, no thanks to the incessant strike they go into annually both internal and ASUU strikes.

Among all public university in Nigeria, only University of Ilorin does not participate in ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) strikes, this started during the administration of the current JAMB registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede when he was the Vice Chancellor (VC) of UniIlorin and since then the school has been able to complete their academic calendar within a year.

So, for students who has strike history of school among the things he’s considering then you must consider the academic calendar of the school among things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.


Some schools have long history of cultists attacks, security problem. So students have to attempt to know the security situation of the school before making it a choice.

In time past, Obafemi Awolowo University do have problem of security but right now, no two students dare raise their voice against each other talk less of fighting, students caught in this will lead to outright expulsion which has brought some mental sanity and cool headedness among students.

Because of this, you have to consider the security situation among things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.



Off course if we are all asked to choose between Havard university and UniIbadan, you definitely will choose Havard. Same can be said among universities in Nigeria. Most federal universities e.g. Unilorin, UniIbadan, UNILAG, UNIBEN etc. are more famed than State universities.

So, if you have your way, try gaining admission into federal university but if it’s not forthcoming, go for other available options, the most important thing is being educated.



For students planning not to live off campus, you are advised to check the availability of hostel before picking a school, some universities like LAUTECH don’t have hostels for students, all of their students live off campus.

Also some school’s environment with bad road, bad electricity and others e.g. UNAD now EKSU where most of her students live in Iworoko have problem of electricity, same with OSUSTECH.

It is our belief at Allschoolsinfo that after going through the list of things you must consider when choosing a university in Nigeria, your decision in choosing a university will definitely be guided and will be made with relative ease. Please make sure you go through the list properly and digest.


Please feel free to reach us through the comment box in case you have any suggestions or additions, we will be glad to hear from you.

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